Jan 26, 2014

Why So Stress?!

So so so so so overdued. Like a month? hahhaha oops.


They say I look like I'm going on a vacation rather than a camp, in the forest/woods.

Bus ride.

Worst bus ride ever. The bus driver brought his kid along and he was the most annoying little fuck ever. He is a fat kid, look probably about 8 years old. Like, seriously. He was walking a jumping around the bus like nobody's business and laughing really loudly at his stupid doraemo show for 4 freaking hours goddamnit. Dude, people are trying to sleep here?! Not that annoying? He sneezed and coughed in my friend's face wth. Hit them for no reason at all and waking up people who are sleeping. Blocked the entire walkway when we are trying to get onto the bus. Ate chicken drum sticks and hit emma's rilakkuma with those filthy hands. Messing up with my friend's potato chips by putting his disgusting hand inside and crunching everything WITHOUT ASKING if he could eat them. Then sprayed air freshener in people's faces. OMG. I am just this close to slapping him for waking me up from my sleep by 1. laughing too loudly 2. jumping beside my seat making my seat vibrate. During lunch, my friend said he ate ice cubes using the public tong and put it back into the ice bucket. Gross much? UGH. Luckily I wasn't seating at the same table as him. Which reminds me that I might not have been able to eat 2 bowls of rice if he was LOL. I'd be too grossed out to add more rice. Thank god he was never seen again after we reached our destination.

Anyway, so this was where I spent 3 days at. I couldn't wait to go back home then but now, I think I really like it there.

The meals here are the best everrrrr.
Basically that's all I rmb.

I'm not that glutton k.
I'm just lazy, I never bothered to take photo of anything else emma was taking photo of almost everything, every meal.

Second day, we played games and it was my first time ever playing any games so seriously. If you've watched running man, you'll know this game. We played 'Protect the queen, dougeball' And guess what, i was the queen. It was superrrrr tiring! I jumped, I screamed at my 'enemies', started at them, fell down on my ass, got hit in the ass and eventually we were the winner *cries buckets and floods of happy tears*

As soon as the game time was announce as ended, I ran for the bathroom and was the 3rd to get to bath hahahahaahahaha listened to sermon again and then it was CG time. After CG, I actually expected myself to go straight to bed but turns out everyone was awake and uhm yeah, photo time again hahahaha.

I like this cause I look happy hehehe poor him :p

The next day was the last day of camp, I must say that as much as i missed home and hated the ants and dogs there, I actually couldnt really bear to leave this place. I had so much fun and going back means going back to real life. To where the busy city life is. It was so carefree and relaxing there.

After the last sermon, it was time for photos and yeah hahahhaa, I'm so sorry I talk so little. There are too many photos I think no one would actually bother reading what I'm typing :p

jack. Forever photobombing.

This girl keep complaining that I angle my face too much to make my face look smaller hahahhaha


And everyone else.

It was a great camp. I had a lot of fun. But ah, back to my real world....

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