Sep 19, 2013

How To Bake Rainbow Cupcakes (Super Easy!)

Ok, after so many times being asked. I decided I'm just gonna blog about how I baked the rainbow cupcakes once and for al. Everyone is so interested in how I did. They don't believe that it's actually super duper mad easy because I use cheat method. After reading this post, I hope you all will stop asking me how did I made them and will able to bake pretty rainbow cakes/cupcakes for your own or even sell them lol I keed. You cant open a shop selling stuff using premixed flour from supermarkets, well maybe for charity sale or something.. hahaha ok la here goes.

This is the brand I used. Can buy from Giant/Tesco/Aeon those kind of supermarket.
I always use this brand because it is not too sweet. Got one brand the box is red colour "mxxx" something de is too sweet for my liking. 



Mix everything together until it looks like this. A bit sticky.

Food colouring. The liquid kind (big bottle) can buy from the baking section in supermarket. I'm not sure if the gel type (smaller bottle) is sold in supermarkets. I bought them from a baking store at Johor Jaya (next to U-Cha). Gel is more expensive then liquid but it is better because some batter cannot use liquid, the colour will turn out weird (or not vibrant enough). Also, usually you'll only need a small amount of colour for your batter so it's actually quite worth the money la. And gel comes in more type of pretty colour, even in silver and gold!

Ok, separate your batter equally. I have 5 colours so I have 5 bowls of batter.

Add 1&1/2 or 2 small drops of food colouring into your batter. As you can see, top right and top left is liquid food colouring and the others are gel.

Mix well. *note: positions of the bowls had been mixed up so it's different from the photo before mixing* Ok, bottom left should have been in purple but because I'm using liquid type, it didn't come out purplish at all. That's what I meant by colour not vibrant. It can also mean that I didnt add enough food colouring so I can actually add more but since I'm too lazy to open the bottle (a bit prob with this bottle) I can't be bothered :x

Then, either using a pan (for cake) or cupcake liners, just put the batter into it.

For layered cakes like this:

(woah this is a hell of a troublesome cake if you only have ONE cake pan)
You have to bake one layer by one layer. 


Better if you are able to grease and flour your pan before your pour your mixture into it.
Or else the cake will stick to the pan and it's bye bye to your pretty cake but greasing is good enough.

Bake each colours and then layer them up.

(butter cream recipe below)

Ok, if you are making cupcakes then just follow the pictures/video below.
This one no need to grease.

Remember to sift the icing before mixing it with the butter or else it will come out chucky like mine. I forgotten to sift it :x

Oh, this serving is enough for 15 cupcakes.

The flowery patterns are made from piping bags with the patterned cone thingy. Can buy from baking section as well (:

Inside. So pretty right! hehehe.


It's so easy right! Do you feel cheated now? Hahahaha.
Have fun and now go bake some yummy and pretty cupcakes!

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Love, bye! (:

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