Sep 21, 2013

20 Days To My 18th Birthday

OMG. I'm gonna be 18 soon wtf. Actually it's my chinese birthday today. So in the chinese calendar, I am actually 19 today. Omg, that's even older.

I always thought being 18 would be fun cause its the legal age but I guess this year kinda sucked for me LOL
Ok la, shan't talk about this now. Will leave this to the annual end of the year reflection post.

No one except my mom had asked me what do I want for my birthday. TBH, I don't really have any idea cause after so many years. I don't dare to even expect anything at all now. Everything planned will go boom because of exams or other shits.

Anyway, I never fail to have a wishlist for my birthday that never comes true HAHA but it's ok. Next time I can look back and look at the stuff that I wanted but never got then I can work hard and get them by myself. (and I went back to find my birthday post last year, wtf I never even blogged about it. Just had a cake with my cousin and mom brought me for korean food and 2 presents)

1. TR15/150/ZR1000
2. More clothes.
3. My melody.
4. More baby eeyores.
5. Money.
6. Become prettier.
7. Ab line.
8. Bikini.

This year, finally finally finally after 9 years of school. I don't have exams before/after/during my birthday. In fact. It's during school holidays! Not quite excited cause I doubt I get to celebrate with anyone. Probably just gonna sleep at home like everyday.

Ok la, 20 more days to being legal and to marry my birthday twinnie Henry Lau ~


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