Sep 23, 2013

Things I Do When I Am Bored/Down

1. Play with my make up
2. Play with my nail polish
3. Dress up
4. Sing
5. Bake
6. Annoy my friends
7. Annoy my mom
8. Stalk people on social websites
9. Stalk celebrities
10. Random googling

PS: No, I didn't pass my driving test. So the Journey To A Driving License still had to go on. Although I very much want to give up already. So sick and tired of driving. I'm blaming the car for the failure. Click that link to read about it.

PPS: I'm planning something recently and might be a little busy to blog. Forgive me!

Do drop me some questions(or rather comments) on my account. My phone can now receive notifications from this app so I'd be replying even faster than usual (:


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