Dec 25, 2013

20 Questions

Since i haven't any time to properly do a blogpost, I figured I might as well just do a quick short random question post! (; Please feel free to copy off the questions as I got them from the internet as well.

Let's start!

1. Thing you cant leave the house without. 
- my iPhone and purse

2. Favorite brand of makeup 
- Etude house? IDK, I hardly apply any make up.

3. Favorite flowers. 
- sunflowers & orchids!

4. Favorite clothing store 
- as long as they sell pretty and cheap clothes hahaha

5. Favorite perfume 
- Victoria Secret

6. Heels or flats 
- flats!

7. Do you make good grades 
- no...

8. Favorite colors 
- b&w, neon colours & pastel colours

9. Do you drink energy drinks
- nope

10. Do you drink juice 
- orange juice is love!

11. Do you like swimming 
- brb, drowning.

12. Do you eat fries with a fork 
- who uses fork when you have fingers!

13. Whats your favorite moisturizer 
- currently using hada labo

14. Do you want to get married later on in life 
- duh

15. Do you get mad easily 
- depends

16. Are you into ghost hunting 
- no

17. Any phobias 
- cats and butterflies and anything that flies or is furry

18. Do you bite your nails 
- gross

19. Have you ever had a near death experience 
- not really, i guess.

20. Do you drink coffee 
- i'm a chocolate kind of girl

the end hahahaha
I'm sorry it's so boring.
Will be back soon k.

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