Jan 23, 2013

Open Houses 2013 - Lasalle & NAFA

*this post has been in my draft since forever /.\ sorry!*

*also, I saw the mediscorp artiste Edwin Goh (many times)*

As I have said in my last post, I went to both Lasalle & Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) 's open house last Friday & Saturday.They are both art schools as I have finally decided that I wanna be a design student. Not sure if I want which design though. Please don't ask me T^T I'll tell when I am 100% confirm about it ok? 

Just some pictures I took when I was there. Not very much cause I didnt actually plan to blog about it...


ANYWAY, here's some student's artwork from Lasalle:

Actually got a lot but I didnt take photo cause a lot of people blocking me, standing in front of the picture. I very pai seh to squeeze & take a picture. These are some of the more interesting artworks. 

The people from the performance department (I assume) performing drums. Damn nice! Super love the performance. I actually stood there for half an hour looking at them. This is GREEN CAMPUS btw, a place where students can relax or talk there.. Located right in the middle. This is also where I first met Edwin Goh! HAHAHA. I was engrossed with the drum performance & suddenly WS said: "eh eh eh Edwin leh." And he walk pass in front of us & stood beside us *you jelly?* I took a glance at him & at the same time, he looked up and we had an awkward eye contact for like, 2 seconds :x hahaha

After the performance, I wandered to CREATIVE CUBE's black box (?) theater & saw Edwin sitting right there & ngam ngamm hor in front of him got seats. So we sat there. Feeling a bit kan cheong. Me la. Idk about WS. The lecturer then asked him to go in front and talk about his lifein campus. Thats when I took a good look at him, 3 meters away LOL. Ok lorr, looks exactly like how to looks like on TV. Same only. Talk also same. Aiyah, he is just human what. I know. What I am crapping now? -.-


Which gave me a scared cause I was standing right where they are gonna dance. Music changed and suddenly these people jumped to my side and started dancing. I was like, defug?!?! Do you mind? Anyway, the dance was great. I cant get enough of their awesome dance studio, which you are gonna see now.


Just one of the building.

WS & i, going back Jb (:


#OOTD for NAFA's open house.

Never take any pictures here cause didn't really impress me :x

Took a mini tour at the Fashion Studies Department & decided I will never take fashion design cause I have to sew! omg ._. my worst nightmare.

Then took lunch & went to the 3D Design Department. Nubad! Quite impressed with the furniture design & interior design. LOVE! hehehe. The jewelry design lecturer damn funny, kept tricking and teasing my friend. Poor him. I'm very happy cause I'm a science student. Thank God. hehehe, not that I am saying my friend is dumb hor! Just that we are smart in different aspects k (; Don't get the wrong meaning..

Went & watch the last theater showcase & I love it! All except the performance with white masks wtf. I needa get over this phobia -.- After the show, we took the MRT to orchard road for dinner. Walked a bit until my legs are gonna break then we went back to JB.

Hmm, nothing much to talk about alrdy lah. NAFA just replied my email. Gonna check it now. Will tell ya'll when I've decided my school.


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