Jan 30, 2013

I went out!

Like, finally. LOL ok lah, I did went to church & all those stuff but it's a daily routine so there's nothing much to say.

On 27 Jan I went to my aunty's open house party + cousin brother's 5th birthday party. Kinda boring to be honest cause I have quite a huge age gap with my cousins & they are mostly BOYS. So you can guess that I am not really close with them. Sad case. We used to be close. But we all grew up & have our own stuff and friends and own circle so we dont hang out anymore. Especially now, my cousin brothers have girlfriends and they dont come to every family gathering now. Well, it's okay. I got used to being alone & entertain myself.

I must say that I really cannot tahan that black dog staring at us when we are eating. I keep complaining & wishing that dog to move cause it's seriously making me not able to eat in peace. I'm damn scared that it will suddenly come under the table & brush against my leg. Idk why I'm terrified of things touching my leg. It's disgusting & scary, I think. After having 2 plates of fried rice & other food (I'm super hungry) I stood beside the table for awhile & felt like an awkward turtle. So I went into the house and watched 夜市人生 (FML) with the older people. It was all nice until the kids started bringing balloons into the house & ran around IN FRONT OF THE FUCKING TV. I mean, yes. I don't like this show but I am watching it & YOU ARE NOT MADE OF GLASS AND NEITHER ARE YOU QUIET OR TRANSPARENT!!! Don't fucking block the whole tv ok. I don't wanna watch you dance around with your stupid balloon & get hit by it! #reasonsidislikekids These are the kids that made me dislike kids. I used to like kids and be able to tolerate them annoying me but now, hell no you move your butt out of my sight & don't make a noise. I'm sick of noisy children that act like monkeys. Was I ever like that? If I were, I apologize to every human that I annoyed & I ought to be slapped for disgracing myself. So what if you're a kid. It doesn't give you enough reason to annoy people when they are watching the television or eating in a restaurant. You spoil the peace. STFU ok. I know I sound damn mean now but idc, don't preach to be about how kids are. My mom runs a child care & I have seen lots of different children throughout my whole life. I probably know more than you.

After getting hit by the ballon on the face, its the last straw. I went back outside. I need to get away from these pests. FML. I found my mother & cousin brothers chatting away outside the house and joined them. Kinda awkward by just standing there & not saying a word but better than being inside and get annoyed by kids & increase my dislike towards them -.- Stood outside & we talked about our life and which school I'll be going and all those stuff. It's kinda nice actually. To be talking to them.

After cutting up the birthday cake, I grabbed a can of beer and my cousin was like, OMG SHE DRINKS. & my 2nd aunty had to come and say, Yeah she's the alcohol queen (酒后) defug?! I'm not ok. Just to say so! I can hold my alcohol limits well but I'm NOT a heavy drinker. I only drink occasionally so please don't misunderstand me hor! Hahahaha. Why do I even bother to explain? Oh, this reminds me that I am 18 & I can drink legally nao! wheeee :p

This ends my post. I may be going to dye my hair. Quite excited & hope I'm able to dye what I want. Yeah, this is scheduled. Will show ya'll my hair if I dyed it ^^

BYE! ♡

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