Jan 1, 2013

2012 - Memorable Events

I scheduled this post on 13/12/12 cause apparently we are gonna die on 21/12/12 LOL a bunch of bullshit. Look, aren't we alive now? This post will prove to all those silly people who believe that bullshit 2012 show LOL Yeah, I watched it & apparently, the world is only ending in California hahahhahaa ok sorry, i'm kidding.

So, every year I set a new wish list & let's see what have I achieve this year. 

This is my wishlist for the year 2012.

1. Score well for SPM
2. Perfect complexion
3. Poloraid instant camara
4. Stay close with family
5. Be more friendly and stop being so mean
6. Vintage room
7. Go to SHINee/Super Junior/2ne1's concert
8. Be healthy
9. Be positive
10. Be happily single


1. I can never know my SPM results until 2013! How to tick this off? LOL

2. The complexion will never be counted as perfect.

3. YAY THE BFF BOUGHT ME ONE!!! I'm super touched can. I mad love her TvT 

I only casually say I want one to her & ask her to sponsor me one & she really went & get one for me. But it's on sale lah, so it's not very expensive. Else even if she is my BFF I also pai seh to accept it lo! Who say BFF then can 敲诈 each other! tsk tsk. hahhaha we super suaku cause she never held/took a polaroid picture before & I never put in the films before. The first time I took one was on baby Travis's birthday & it was my 2nd sister's.

4. Err, we are always close leh..

5. I think I'm really quite a better person this year. Not so shy like last time. I am not stuck up ok! I'm just shy & when I dont smile, I give this cold icy feeling. I made myself be friendlier & talk to many people. I think fandom helps a lot in this too hahaha cause because of these idols, I made a lot of new friends. Gifboom & Instagram is helping too hehehe. YAY, am i a better & more friendly person now? 

6. Still working on this. I can never decide my room design hahahha.

7. I WILL NEVER EVER EVER FORGET 18/2/2012. My first date with Lee Hyuk Jae TvT I remember whining so much about not being able to go & the day before the concert, LO & BEHOLD, I got tickets to go & meet my jagi TvT Oh Hyuk Jae, I miss you. See you in SS5 ok *sends kisses* 

8. Hmm, I think I am quite weak this year :x

9. Positive? What was I thinking when I wrote this last year? OMO.

10. YEP! I'm single * proud for this whole year :D I guess, thanks to fan girling I am able to keep this wish hahahhaa. Actually I cannot say I am single cause in my brain I'm alrdy married to Lee Hyuk Jae. HAHHAHAHA I had a dream that we got married by siwon in a super show in April so now I am like, oh we're married. LOL

Memorable events for this year:


Went to Super Show 4 in Singapore!
No words can describe how awesome it was to meet my beloved husband hahahaha ok, shall not go on with this or else I'll go side track & start fan girling :p


Went on a trip to Taiwan with mom. It was almost summer but not quite. Also, I have no idea why was I so damn tired the whole 9 days. I sleep early & wake up late. I brought make up & never used it & my hair was fugly. I brought the wrong clothes cause it wasn't quite summer yet so it was still pretty chilly. It kept raining & we walked a lot. We never went shopping a lot cause my mom likes bringing me to places tour groups goes to. Never went to a lot of night market cause it's far & I'm too tired to get out of the apartment. Oh well, if I were to go next time. I die die also must look pretty & go to ALLLLL the night market -.-


Went all the way to Singapore just to watch I AM movie by SME. Totally NOT worth the money, time & effort. Ugh. Singapore movie ticket (16SGD - RM40 +/-) freaking expensive like Taiwan (400TWD - RM40+/-) walao. Plus I had to sit alone @ the first row middle seat. My neck breaking anytime. Went in & see clips that I saw on movies before -.- ugh, nevermindddddd. I saw eunhyuk's face super damn close LOLOL I love this clip btw

*holding back tears* I'm just so proud of him! He made it, he is a famous star now! TvT

My last SSI IU day ~ did make up for Ang with Steph, took pictures with the sampat. That's all I remember LOL

First time wearing contact lens! Took 20 minutes to get it in hahahaha
Went for my aunt's wedding in KL & a semi cousin trip to genting the next day.

SPM trials
Grandmama's birthday dinner
Outing with the crazy peeps (photo shoot LOL)

My birthday
Got my new (first!) pink laptop
Bought coloured contacts

I finally graduated from SMK Sultan Ismail (SSI) TvT
SPM official
Cheng Ying's birthday surprise!

Dyed my hair
Did manicure @ a parlor 
Went to the Battle Of the Bands
Started on my journey to get a driving license
Playing with a helium balloon

My 2013 wishlist: 
  1. This blog to become popular / instagram hit 1k followers / twitter 500 followers
  2. Attend a countdown party 
  3. Go to Disney Land / Sanrio Land
  4. Go to Korea / Greece / Japan
  5. Keep my hair long
  6. See the Eiffel Tower (Go to Paris)
  7. Date someone
  8. Dancing on water
  9. Sleeping under the stars
  10. See my bias 

I sincerely hope you all have a wonderful year ahead, I love each & everyone of you who had been sticking with me for so long. It'll you all who keeps my blog going. Thank you. For the bottom of my heart, thank you. May God bless you. Happy new year!

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