Jan 15, 2013


(hello everyone)

First of all, I would like so say desole (sorry) to everyone.
I'm such a bad blogger. I've been busy for the past few days and neglecting my blog! But thank you for not giving up on me & continues to visit me & keeping my stats still at least >100 everyday TvT *throws tons of kisses to every loyal reader*

Here is a photo of the BFF & I ♡
Pretty? Interested in her? SORRY. YOU HAVE TO PASS THROUGH ME FIRST! hahaha :p
Anyway, this is out couple (or rather BFF) pullover! Bought together it in Jusco last week cause we bought looooove pullovers. Not caring that Malaysia weather is a bitch. LOL.

I went to both Lasalle & NAFA open house last weekend and I'll post about it in the next post. All I can say now is LASALLE IS SO DAMN PRETTY & I SAW EDWIN GOH SUPER DAMN NEAR OMG!!! Not an edwin fan or what is his fandom name? edwinner but, DUDE HE'S AN ACTOR & THE WHOLE OF SG (& JB) KNOWS HIM OK! tsk. What do you mean it's no big deal? You jelly? (;

NAFA campus is quite meh. But it might be my future school so I don't criticize it now. kthxbai.

(but I really really really wanna go to Lasalle)

I'm gonna be busy doing portfolio for the following days so I might not be able to post a lot (again), you all must get used to my occasional disappearance but please dont leave me T.T I will rattle my brain & find some crap to post about. Or maybe when I start college I'll have stuff to blog about since I am finally going outside LOL. CNY is coming soon! I'm cho happy. I love ang paus ok bye :p I wonder how is the CNY outing planning going.. I miss my secondary school friends.

OH WELL, look I'm crapping again. Gotta go now. Need to find an art course for crash course.
OH MY, 20 portfolios awaiting me. What have I done to myself?


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