Jan 2, 2013

How I Spend The Last Day Of 2012

.... by losing my temper.

Really. But I'll talk about it later.

In the morning, I went & watch Les Miserables with twinnie. It was a really nice show. Mad love it. I think I'll go & watch it again. And rewatch Ah Boys To Men cause I cannot concentrate watching the movie that day. I fell sick at the beginning of the movie but I geng until after movie. i can hear people laughing but I don't know what is happening. After movie I almost fainted & I dont really know what happened after that. Shit I waste money. Tsk tsk. 

My OOTD that day.

My last OOTD on 2012. haha

On 31st December, I also made cheesecake. Which the tutorial will be up tomorrow & I am eating it not. Very yummy! Remember to read tomorrow ok. It's very easy one I promise. K, that was afternoon.

At night, I wanted to go countdown but I cannot cause it's apparently at night DUHHHH. countdown of course @ night lah wtf. A lot of my friends asked me if I am going & even offered to come & fetch me but no, my mom say no 'your dad wouldn't let la' ugh. I hope this explains my status on FB & rants on Twitter.

AND AND AND I got a job! 

Giving tuitions to primary 1 kids @ my house. For those who don't know, my mother opens a home based day care center. So whoever that has Primary school or Kindergarten kids that needs day care, please contact me & I'll give you my mother's number for further details (: 


My day just ended like this. I'm suppose to start work tomorrow but I think I'm going for undang test again. Ugh HATE. When can I pass this shit test? ):


The sign board I help model for is up!

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