Jan 1, 2013



a.k.a - korean stir fried spicy rice cake.

Which is, apparently, I found out by coincidence that is wuli leader, Park Jung Soo's favourite hansik (korean cuisine).

So, I have been addicted to this food awhile ago & have bought the super simple ready made ingredient (cause I iz lazy) to cook it @ home.

Mad simple. Didn't even bother to put on any decorations (vegetable shreds/sesame) on it hahahhaha :p

It's really really very very simple cause all you need are these.

Rice cake & the sauce. I bought them from a korean supermarket.

1. You pour half a packet of rice cake into a pot / flying pan

2. You pour 3/4 cup of water in

3. When the water is semi boiling, pour the whole packet of sauce into the pot / frying pan

4. Stir & mix well. Let it boil until the sauce thicken until how you like it. 

DONE!!! ^^

* I would like to say that this is MAD SPICY. Really damn spicy. Not because I cant really eat spicy but my mom who can take spiciness also said that it is really spicy. Maybe adding some sugar will help (:

I hope you all like this simple cooking tutorial hehehe.
Next up - Non-bake cheesecake.


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