Jan 3, 2013

Non-bake Cheese Cake

I love cheesecake.

I used to hate it cause I feel like I'm going to puke if I eat the whole of it. I couldn't understand why was cheesecake even invented. I mean, cheese is salty. WHY ON EARTH PUT SALTY THING IN A YUMMY SWEET CAKE!?!!! Plus, it's so damn rich I feel jelak after eating it.. 

But as I grew older (yes, older), I think it's actually very nice. Super yummy, in fact. It'a amazing how people can turn cheese into such, such... heavenly stuff. hahahaha, yeah, I'm weird. I know.

Anyway, I have wanted to make a cheesecake since before SPM started. But because I was busy, I had to postpone this plan until after SPM. Which then, I have totally forgotten about it & went along baking rainbow cakes instead. Yeah, I made rainbow cakes. You should have seen them on instagram, what do you mean no? HAVE YOU NOT BEEN FOLLOWING ME!!! *angry stares* Twice & no, not gonna do it again. Maybe next time. hahaha. 

One thing I hate about baking is, baking. No, seriously. I hate baking the cake. I have to keep checking the cake when it is in the oven for the fear of it getting overdone or under cooked. It's troublesome, really! & then cleaning the baking tray is a big mess too. It's as huge as my sink is small. Also, it's hot & burns me. So yeah, I really love non-bake baking rather than real baking. If you even get what I mean...

I'm getting side track again. Back to cheese cake. Sara was asking me for the recipe that day & I suddenly remembered that I have actually already bought all the ingredients for it & forgotten all about it. It was all at the back of the fridge, forgotten. On 31st December 2012, after coming home from movie - Les Miserables (nice show, felt like singing my words too when I came out from the theaters) with le M.Sunflower, I took out all the ingredients & finally started baking. 


1. Digestive biscuits
2. 500g Philadephia Cheese
3. A can of peaches
4. 2 cans of Nestle cream
5. Soften butter
6. Gelatine 



1. Crush 15-18 biscuits.

*TIPS: put them into 2 layers of plastic bags & crush them

To get this.

2. Mix the biscuit crumbs with soften butter.

3. Put them into tupperwares & send them to chill in the freezer.


4. Put the whole block of Philadephia cheese into the blending bowl.

5. Add 2 cans of Nestle cream into the blender bowl & blend them together.

6. Take out the syrup from the can & boil it with 3-5 tea spoon of gelatine & mix it together with the cheese & cream mixture.

7. Slice some peaches.

8. Dice the others.

9. Mix the diced peaches into the cheese mixture.

10. Spread the cheese mixture onto chilled biscuit base.

11. Place the sliced peaches on top for decorations.

12. Send into fridge to chill for up to at least 5 hours.

It's done! It's super yummy & I love it! hehehe. It's easy too :D
Have fun, bye!

OH, here is the sampat's version. Hers is oreo cheesecake.

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