Jan 9, 2013

Back ♡

(yes sir, I'm one of a kind)

Hahahaha. Hello. I'm back. I'm finally blogging! But before I start on anything, you all HAVE TO hear this song (; It's fabulous & watching it can help to increase view. kkkkk :p I think you all can guess whose song is it lah. BUT I must say first, I understand that there might be kpop haters here but I promise, THIS IS NOT A KOREAN SONG. Watch ok! Or just open it & turn listen & go to another page -.- LOL.


So, how's everyone doing?

It's the 9th day of 2013 & I am approaching my 100th post on this new blog very soon.

My 2013 is still quite meh for the time being. But I believe it'll get better ^^
I've been at home. Every fucking day. Ok la only Monday to Friday cause I'm working at home as a teacher (we run a daycare at home, remember?) I only get to go out during weekends to yeah, you guessed it. Church. If I happen to go out during weekdays, it'll be because I'm running errands. Or simply just because my mom decided to bring me out. So yeah, nothing exciting. I wake up at 8.20am +/- everyday, sometimes I get a nap when the kids are asleep. I get off work at 6pm. Then I eat dinner, bathe & watch the 9 o'clock singapore drama, continued with korean dramas until 12am. Then I try to get some sleep. *repeats until Friday* On Saturdays, I wake up at 12pm. Eat lunch & get ready for church. 6pm, I go back home and have dinner, bathe again. Then I just laze around and play with my phone apps - kakaotalk, line, twitter, facebook, instagram, gifboom, subway surf, blockolicious - instead of thinking of stuff to blog about. Then I fall asleep. Sunday, I go to church at 8.30am & go home in the afternoon or evening. Yep. So much for my 'holidays'.


Wait, I'm not gonna let myself become such a boring person ok! I still take selcas, I still talk to my friends. I still read books. I still blog. And I am currently still deciding which stud button to buy on etsy cause I wanna DIY my old school shoes. The white one. Mind you. Black school shoes are plain ugly. Nothing but ugly. Also, I'm thinking of going over to holiday plaza to get some plain cheap iphone cases and some pens to DIY more phone cases. Then I'll do more DIY posts. I know you all like DIY stuff right? I might MIGHT AH MIGHT take in requests and sell them or to do giveaway. I still dont know. I'm planning. If I got time, I'll do so ok? No promises ^^

Actually, to be honest. I'm actually not 100% very free. I have tons of stuff to do but I'm doing what I do best -- procrastinating and delaying them. Like, getting my license. I have YET to pass my undang test. Took twice & I kinda gave up on it. Praying for God to give me the strength and bravery to take the test again. Yes, I'm scared. I'm afraid of failing again. I'm afraid of going back to that place to wait and wait and wait and wait again D:

2. I should be checking out which school I am going to apply for. But instead, I watched running man & went on youtube.. Talk about being a huge fan. This is the bad side of it. Losing track because of fan girling. ANYWAY. You all don't want to know about me fan girling. You want to know what course & want school am I going to. One thing I'm berry berry (watched too much strawberry shortcake movies with the kids recently) sure about is. I WANT TO ENTER INTO A SINGAPORE SCHOOL! This, I am berry sure of. But, getting into which one and if I am able to get into is another whole story. Setting my target on Design/Visual Communication. At least I know what I want now. FINALLY. I also have a few targeted school - NAFA, Lasalle & Singapore Poly - which I am still checking everything I need to know.

3. Nope, I have not forgotten about my dream to dance on that stage with bright flash lights and audience screaming my name and paying to see me. Also walking on that red carpet (not aisle hor!) with flashing camera light to an award night.. *dreams of MAMA/GDA stage* I'm still working on my stretches & regretting not continuing dancing in my last dance school. OH, DID I MENTION THAT I FINALLY GOT MY RIGHT SPLIT PERFECTLY?!!! I was so glad but also pissed that my middle splits and left splits are going nowhere *inserts rage face meme*

4. Redecorating my room ._. SHIT ME. I moved all my vanity stuff to another cupboard and I left there hanging cause I have gotten a high fever the next day & things are left untidied up since then :p I need a mirror. A fucking hugeass wall mirror like those you'd see in a dance studio. If I cant have 'em now, my future house shall have it. This reminds me that I have already decided my CCA for college... If they even have one - NAFA and Lasalle, i mean - then I'd be contented & die in peace. LOL I keed.

There's a few post that I wanted to post about but I cannot find any pictures and I cannot blog without any pictures! I mean, birthday celebrations and weddings without photos? NOTHING BUT WEIRD.

This post is getting too long and wordy. Here's my face. 4 of them, in fact.

Oh yah, I went and watch Les Miserable again. On Sunday, after morning service. With le BFF, who apparently didn't notice that she dozed off about 5 times during the movie of 2 hours and 45 minutes /_\ got so boring mah this movie? It's awesome. A classic. Just like The Phantom of The Opera. I asked her "Got so boring meh?" & she replied me "It's so scary! Why you like these kind of shows!?!" I don't know. Because I like art. I guess. And music. And war scenes.. I think. LOL. Both of us were mad excited cause this is our first solo date! After knowing each other for freaking 17 years. Shame on us. Hahaha but we were always hanging out with our mutual friends and yeah, her brother. Super happy that we finally got our solo date (more to come if both of us get to study in singapore! kkkk). JC was super nice to give us a free ride from church to Aeon. When BFF and I reach, first thing we did was to 'fast walk' to the cinema because for some reason I was afraid of the tickets being sold out. Goodness knows why. It's not even a hot movie. Not many people knows how to appreciate it. Many people said "Ahhh, finally finish." after the movie. Quite saddening that they kept laughing during the movie. Don't even get me started on that annoying guy beside me. I don't know is he retarded or what. Let me show you all what I mean. Everyone knows that before the actual movie starts, confirm got trailers first right? This guy. This retard came in and starts going:

"Huh? Why is Jack Reacher? I'm not watching this leh! I'm watching Les Miserable (yes, he said that instead of the proper way - 'le mizerab') leh!"

*takes out movie tickets* *inhales real loudly*

"Uhhh, I came into the wrong room meh? I'm not watching this leh! This is Jack Reacher, why is it showing Jack Reacher?"

*takes out movie tickets from back pocket and check again*

Repeat another time.

*movie starts*

"Ahh, I think correct already lah."

*take out chewing gum from pocket, nudging my arm* *opens plastic packet* *takes the gum out*(note that the gum come in err idk how to say, but the type of plastic that keeps the medicines sealed in) *chews loudly* *takes out another few gums*

Throughout the movie, he

- sits to the front
- lies to the back
- puts his hands up
- puts his hand down
- puts his hands into his shirt
- takes them out
- puts back
- moves roughly causing my chair to move as well
- lies his head to my side
- lies his head to the other side (which is good, I dont care)
- take out phone 
- keeps phone
- takes out phone
- steps on my shoe (I'm 200% that my feet are on my side of my chair, fuck you)
- takes out gum and chews loudly again
- dozing off to my side

I HATE HATE HATE these kind of people. Damn annoying! Let me enjoy my movie can or not? wtf. Find it boring? You can straight away move your butt out of the cinema and watch some other shows one ok? No one is forcing you to watch this show. You all must be asking "why are you noticing him instead of watching the movie?" CAUSE HIS ACTION DAMN BIG AND EVERYTHING HE DOES I CAN SEE IT. If you are human and is not blind, confirm you can see your sides right? I'm sure none of you are blind or is an animal (prey).


The only photo I found about CY's birthday surprise last year. LOL, the cake I baked (; with the help of a few other friends.

Ok lah, I have to go nao. It's late. I needa sleep cause tomorrow still have to wake up early for work. I'm going to Singapore on Friday (Lasalle) and Saturday (NAFA)! YAY. A getaway!!! kkkk

Before you go, check out SNSD's new song - I got a boy. It's fab, my current favourite song (;

OHMYGOD. Yoona is a goddess. Yuri's bod is damn hawt. Hyoyeon is becoming prettier everytime. Sooyoung's legs. Tiffany... I cant even.

OH YA. Support my friend's new blog (:

Thanks for reading, I heart you all.

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