Jan 6, 2013

Things I Hate

Here's another random fact post again. hahahahaha.

  • waiting (if I wait, you're special)
  • being hungry (who doesn't?)
  • being bossed around (who the fuck are you to boss me?)
  • pushy people
  • animals that flies including insects (flies, mosquitoes & butterflies!)
  • cats
  • over confident people (*punches*)
  • people with bad grammar (cannot stand it)
  • texting without punctuation 
  • p30pL3 wh0 tYpeS L!k3 d!z (*throws dictionary in your face*)
  • bean sprouts 
  • beans (especially red beans & green beans)
  • unabashed people (*slaps*)
  • vegetables (ugh)
  • purple
  • rejection
  • fail 
  • broken promise (don't promise if you're gonna break it)
  • people who worries too much (you'll get depression sooner or later)
  • people who are constantly worrying about their studies (GET A FUCKING LIFE PLEASE)
  • people who complain about everything
  • people who cant keep their mouth shut
  • people who cant keep their comments to themselves
  • mean people who think they are cool being mean
  • people who smoke (get lung cancer & die alrdy ok?)
  • bullies
  • fishes (fatass goldfish)
  • ah beng & ah lian who think they are very cool
  • girls that act dumb & think its cute
  • people who always sends me stupid chain letters & game requests
  • gangnam style

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