Jan 27, 2013

100th Special


I've moved to this blog since last year September & I already got a total page views of 9982. Not a lot, I know. But it'll get better, right? 

I've been thinking, should I make a special weekly update like qiuqiu does? This way I can force myself to blog about something & not let my blog be dead. Of course I dont use a name like QWeekly or what la. Later people throw me rotten eggs for 'copying' her then I die ._. I think I should also take more OOTD photos, do more nail tutorials (huge hiatus, I deserve to be slapped) instead of just my face omg self obsessed hahahhaa :p #girlsbeinggirls

100th post & idk what to say. LOLOL. My week is boring! Nothing much happened since I spend everyday at home. I should really be a more hardworking blogger. My blog stats are so low now I don't dare to look at them. To be honest, idk what keeps me blogging. Whenever I go to my blog stats, I see these people from all over the world reading my blog & I felt this. What makes them want to visit this crap blog? All I say is crap & all stupid selca. Why people wanna read!? Oh no, look. Idk what am I saying again *slaps self* i need to start sleeping early..

OH YES. I'm gonna be jobless soon wooo! Hahahaha, idk why I feel happy that I dont needa work anymore. I can concentrate on doing my portfolio (bullshit la, I know I wouldnt *slaps self again*)

Lemme just insert a random photo of myself here.

and then end this post.

I lied about my title. This post is anything but special.

PS: don't hate me la, I blog about yummy stuff next ok? (;
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