Dec 31, 2012


hello everybody.

I iz very very bored.

So, I'm here to blog. I don't even know what I want to blog about. So yeah, it's just gonna be me, ranting & blabbering. If you all are very bored like me then you all read bah. If not, I suggest you all to skip this post cause really is crap post...


You're still here? Ok lor, since you all want to read then read bah. Also lah, you can go & get some drink to drink while reading this cause thats what I am doing now. The weather is very very strawberry terrible vegetable potato ahh. Must drink a lot of water & don't get sick okay! especially when now school is reopening soon *laughs at all students* ok lah kidding. I wish I'm going back to school. I'm so damn bored now. Everyday nothing to do. Ya la I know you all are judging me now. 

*you lazy piece of shit, Y U NO GO FIND WORK TO DO!!!!!* 

yes yes, i heard that...

I'll do that soon. I promise. But then I won be updating this much ok! Don't blame me hor. I am not full time blogger here. I don't blog for a living (yet) I blog for your entertainment! 

ok la, fine. i blog for my entertainment. really, i dont know what to work! maybe i should go to a parlor & be the odd job girl or become a waitress or salesgirl or beer girl. CY told me about a job that sells beer in shopping centers & they earn rm60 per day. sounds not bad hahaha ok la, think about it only. thinkkkkk. 

i am currenly chatting with people on facebook & megan and I are talking about ... apparently.. *ahem* my kid. hahahah my kid shall be an eurasian kthxbye. kinda bored of blogging & is a bit busy chatting now. 

yeah, i just left you hanging. boo ya :p

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