Dec 13, 2012

Graduation Testimonials [Part 1]

This is not according to the importance of people ok! So don't be sad if you are at the bottom of the post, be grateful that you are featured (;

Wei Shann

My pretty jagi (honey)! Thank you for being my friend and putting up to my wierd habits & fiery temper. Babe, you're pretty la! Don't always feel inferior and compare yourself with other people ok. We have been best of friends since Primary 4 (10 years old) and I cant believe that we are going to separate soon T^T as I was typing this I feel a rush of sadness in me ): I don't want to not see you everyday! T^T remember how we used to go to recess together every day in FY1? Then during form1, idk why we suddenly become not close & had a super huge fight. LOL silly right? I don't even remember what were we quarreling about XD haih, i doubt we'll be in the same school anymore gonna miss you so much. Be strong ok jagi? Don't let boys bully you hor! If any of them bully you must tell me, see if i don't skin them alive! hahahaha. 8 years, it havent been easy. All the best for your future & me love you very much! Kim Jonghyun was mine but now i give you hehehhe

Cheng Ying

kkkk this is my partner in crime XD been in the same class with her during form 3 & we got along quite well cause our crush are friends LOL then we'd stare together hahahhaa cho funny la. During form 5, you and I got to the same class together! the only 2 chinese students and we survived TvT hahhaa. we are forever talking about our suju oppa & everything. Idk what we talk about but just talk talk talk then the time just pass like this O_O hahaha, you hamsap lou influenced me liao! always talk about our oppa & their bod. ok la here is public so i dowan to say what we say about. I'm gonna miss you. HAIH. WHY WE ONLY GOT CLOSE THIS YEAR!!! T^T waeyo! ): *kitty eye + pouts* you ah! don't be so gullible la, be smarter a bit can or not? kena cheated by me so many times still can believe what i say hahhaha but if it wasn't like this then our surprise party wouldnt be a success :D also hor, STOP STARING AT MY PHOTOS ON FB hahahhahaa you stalker! XD next time don't have me to talk to dont cry liao hor, this year your tears decrease a lot because got me to always cheer you up but after graduate, must be strong & don't always let people take advantage of you! & dont be so guai pi la, people wear cap you also buey song hahha. really gonna miss you. must miss me HOR! hahhaha AH AH HANA DUL SET, MY NAME IS DONGHAE, I LOVE YOU U U U kkkk

Li Yu

Gila woman. hahaha. thats all I can say, gonna miss being you & VZG's light bulb hahaha since form 1! seriously. ugh fated to be your light bulb, hahaha. a very bright & big one also XD so much to say but idk how to say. ok complicated, i know. so err, thank you for always helping me. so many memories created. will miss you annoying me a lot. you this troll annoying orange! kkkk eli loves you, zg loves you, god loves you, i love you! muah

Sara Chui

eh bitch i put your name red cause you like red, not because i want you dead hor! hahahha I really really want to thank god that i met chu *inserts big big red heart* thank you for being my little sister + bitching partner. we will always have bitching session ok! when I can drive i will dirve you out for makan & bitching session. haha because of you, i always know what happened in the lower form, scandals & quarrels & new couples hahaha the only thing i can hate about you is being too kiasu! hahahah but its good la, in ssi. bitch you are pretty ok, don't always jelly me la. you pun cantikk ok HEY SEXEY LADAYYYY hahaha *hugs you tight tight* don't always PMS la, be happy hor. me love you bery bery bery much. you know i speak sarcasm to you cause i love you. I only speak like this to people i'm really close to. also, dont need to hate that someone la LOL he is nothing to me anymore. keep calm & miss me, you pretty lady! haha say i never say anything nice to you so now one shot i praise you ok! you smart, talented, pretty, nice person. wo hen love ni! muah muah muah hahahaha ok bye bieber & randy love you, hyukjae & ben love me.


My twinnie! hehehe yep, this is the only time you will see purple colour appear in my blog hahaha. sacrificing my purple free blog for your name since you love purple so much! XD ok everyone, lai leshan is my twinnie cause we always tie the same hairstyle and we are scared of cats & butterflies & dragonflies & we both love kpop. babe, yes i admit i hated you last time but now we are best of friends. goodness know why i let that person came in between us! ugh. wasted so many fun times with you hahahaha. leshan ah, you look pretty smiling showing the teeth, smile more like that okay! araso? we got too many memories that cannot fit into this blog post so you know i know jiu ok le! hahaha, all the best for your future. i'll miss you pretty twinnie XOXO

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