Dec 4, 2012

Post Graduation

2nd November Part 2 !

Still got some pictures that haven't been uploaded but I think a lot of them are up. I didn't have a camera to bring & I was a bit lazy to snap with my phone for so many times. sorry, #badblogger here.. I promise I will be more hard working and snap a lot of pictures once I get myself a camera ok! *crossing fingers* (who want to sponsor me a good compact flip screen camera? I dont mind any brand as long as it has good quality kkk buey paiseh)

Anyway, I'll just let the pictures speak & slot in some random captions as usual LOL

starting with my selca first! hehe

Then it's my bitch & I
Click here to view her blog!

Darling & I ! Just to clarify, I am not shorter than her by that much, she was standing on a step higher than me! hahahaha

Miss Sunflower! My twinnie cause we like the same things & scard of same things & always tie the same hairstyle haha

Lynette :D my shopping kaki & the girl who always dance with me hehe

Cheng Ying! aka Mrs Donghae hahahhaa. I influenced her to love Super Junior XD

Aimi T^T she went back to Saudi (not really back but she stayed there for about a year) with her family alrdy! I'm gonna miss her.

Juniors that I taught dancing to last year & this year. Many of them went back alrdy..


Aimi's twin! Aida (:

Sanjeeva, my very nice class monitor who wants to be a model like me hahahaha

Jagi ^^ we have been friends for freaking 8 years! omg hahaha

My Sejarah teacher last year 

Sejarah teacher this year hahaha she like eunhyuk too XD

Some of my classmates

Athena ! She's transferring to convent next year to be a nun LOL kidding, I'M KIDDING OK! hahahaha

That's all! Will update this post when more pictures are up (:

Graduation testimonials will be in another post, stay tuned *throws kisses*

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