Dec 30, 2012

The Dream Guy

Here's another lame dream post.

I know all girls must have their dream guys right! If you say no, you are lying (unless you are lesbo/homo). Cause even if you dont want to marry or what, still got a dream boy de right!!! Guys also, confirm got dream girl de ma. Like, the perfect one for you. Even if your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife is not like that but before you met them you sure got think of how you wish them to be one ma. Ok, so here is mine. Physically & mentally.

PS: perfect guy in my brain. I know he dont exist. No one is perfect.

  1. Abs. Ok I dont dream for those wwe/mr muscle man/ wtv kind lah wtf. 
  2. Cook. Cause I might get lazy to cook. Haha
  3. Loves his mom/sisters. I think its mega cute if he does.
  4. Can tahan my occassional aegyo & manja-ness.
  5. Knows how to play an instrument.
  6. Willing to sing for me.
  7. Can dance.
  8. Can tahan me fangirling.
  9. Can carry me.
  10. Taller than me, even when I am wearing heels. DUH
  11. Rich LOL cause I love shopping -.-
  12. Loves my family.
  13. Able to mix well with my friends.
  14. Dont play DOTA/COD/DIABLO/idk what else.
  15. Good grammar for god's sake.
  16. Likes kids. 
  17. Carries my bag for me.
  18. Highly educated. At least a degree lah.
  19. Looks must be ok. As in I can tahan seeing everyday.
  20. Loves Jesus.
  21. Don't flirt!
These are my hopes to find in a guy. Bolded ones are those MUST HAVE criteria. What are yours? (;

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