Dec 28, 2012

My Dream Party

I like parties. I cant say I love parties cause I am quite a shy person when I am with people I'm not familiar with. & parties are mostly full with people like these. Sometimes I wish I were one of those super sociable people. Those brave people that can mix well & get comfortable immediately with people. I cannot. I tried. But I can't. It'll just turn out to be damn awkward :x

Ok lah, on internet I can talk to people I don't know. But when it comes to face to face. I cannot T^T even some of my school mates or tuition friends or you know, friends of friends. I can talk to them on twitter/facebook/instagram no problemo but when we see each other, we get speechless ._.

Oh yes, this is not a post to rant about these. Sorry I was gone for awhile. I cant find the mood to blog T^T mianhe. Actually I wanted to blog 2 days ago but I fell sick ): I had a high fever.. But all's well now except for my flu. Which is really annoying cause I cannot breathe properly & I can use up to a whole box of tissue paper a day. Madness -.-


So, my dream party.
My dream party is actually very simple.

  • theme: baby pink / pastel
  • a lot of pink helium balloons in the room
  • karaoke set / DJ set
  • photo booth (polaroid & dslr) complete with accessories
  • champagne / sparkling juice / soda 
  • pink theme / cute food (snacks)
  • ice cream

These are basically just it. Actually I typed a mega long passage about it but in the end it makes no sense & looks complicated so I backspaced everything LOL. When I'm rich enough I will hold a party like this & invite my (close) friends so if you wanna come please come & be my friend LOL

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