Dec 29, 2012

When Life Gives You Lemons..

You made lemonades. But when life gives you hurricanes, you go surfing. 
- Jon Foreman.

Just some photos from the past few week that I haven't posted.

Jacko came to JB that day & we brought him to Danga Bay. LOL, he haven't change a bit since 2 years ago.

We kinda have the same hair colour. hahahah

Danga Bay is a MUST COME place in JB if you havent been here before. It's a tourist place. Ships & cruises stops here for a few days and then leave. It's really pretty @ night. You can have beer, food, go to the fun fair, ride a bicycle or a mini train here. It's really quite happening @ night cause it's more cooling.. LOL

Advertistment board photo shooting the other day.

BFF & I were school uniform models haha anyone else want to find model for photo shooting? Come & find me! :D

Taken on 20th Dec.

Suppose to go shopping in sg but the jam was so so bad -.-
Anyway it's a clearer picture of my dyed hair


Went KSL that day & bought macaroon cause I havent eat before ~.~

pweddy :D

But taste super meh >p


My beloved & I. He took this picture! hehehe


Few days before christmas. JY came back from KL, taken while waiting for him to come.


M.Sunflower & I !

The last time we took a 4 picture college photo together was during CNY, omg.

Went to sing K with Samuel that day. Will post a video of me singing half a chinese song soon!

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