Nov 14, 2012

LOVE MORE 爱恋膜法 ♥

So, my friends are always asking me : "How come your skin so good? So nice & smooth one! NEver seen you having any pimples leh. Got also is the tiny tiny type!" "I super envy your skin loh, so smooth like baby one!" "Why you drink so little water, your skin don't look dry one ah?"



Recently, my sister went to Taiwan and as a big fan of Taiwanese beauty products, I asked her to help me buy more masks. I wanted to try new ones and those that I bought in Taiwan few months ago were long finished. So I went on google (my best friend) and did some research on Taiwan masks. Study & reviews told me that LOVE MORE (爱恋膜法) MASKS are very good and Asian Best Region Blog winner Wendy aka Xiaxue has even done three review of their masks! So it must be very good or else she wouldn't have agreed to do advertorials for them! hahaha (you can read them here: 123)

Anyway, since I always only wanted the hydrating & whitening effects only, I chose two of these.

Left: Loofah & Aleo Vera
Right: Pearl Barley & Milk

So which one should I try today? hmmm...

Ok, I feel that my skin is quite dulll & yellowish recently. so, deng deng,


Just in case you want to read them :x I don't, but some people reads them. So yeah, here you go. How thoughtful of me, I know :p

Wheeee~ On the way to get a fairer skin tone! ♥

Open up, and at first I was like, ...... OMG WTF IS THIS MASK IN BLUE!?!AND IN FABRIC?!?!!
#suaku mode

but it is not lah, will show you later... #suspense

Flipped over & its a plastic.

So, you peel out the plastic... and put it on your face (you don't say) 

Ok, guys,get ready to see my face with a mask on. Except for my family members, I don't think anyone has seen it before. But before that, promise to not get scare by me & never return again okay! T^T



ZENG!!! Ok, idk why is the mouth part so weird.. Like, it's meant to cover your whole mouth or what.. Maybe it is lah but I don't like cause the solution will go into my mouth. YUCK :x

HAHAHA, truth revealed! The mask is NOT in blue, neither is it blue fabric! It is suppose to be taken out! 
This is because the mask is EXTREMELY SOFT like tissue paper & if don't have the blue fabric to support, I think I might have torn it alrdy LOL

Can you see how translucent is this!?!

And it is also very soft and light! I cannot even feel it on my face and it fits perfectly on my face!
Major love because almost ALL mask I bought before are too big for me! I always wonder why masks are not sold in sizes. Must have sizes ma. Those big mask are always going to cover my hairline and my neck always wet because of the solution. And hor, if the mask are in size, must sell the mask measuring tape also! Then you know what size you use. Hahaha, wah I think I can become a fa ming jia liao lah XD

After 15-20 minutes, I took it out & its not dripping! Although the mask was very hydrating & wet feeling when taken out and applied, when it was on my face hor, no solution drip down! and when I took it out, it still feels very wet but its not dripping! Waseh, which clever person came out with this de? I mad love you XOXO

So, after that you have a chio & smooth face! Normally, I will wash  my face after 5 minutes of removing the mask because I once heard that it's not good to leave it on your face? O_O Anyway, I also don't like the sticky feeling on my face also. BUT, this mask don't leave any sticky feeling on your face de! Super love leh OMG. Finish using neh ottoke!?! ): Then I think I can only use back those I bought from sasa or watson which are also not bad lah. But Love More is the best I ever used! The only thing I can hate about this is the smell! I have tried the Loofah & Aloe Vera one before this. I think I like that one more because it smells nicer. Like cucumber. This Pearl Barley & Milk one smells like a type of medicine, like... antibiotic or flu medicine.. But if you don't mind the smell... Well, I definitely prefer the hydrating one (:

Ok, thats all for the review. My first time doing it leh! HAHAHA. I know it's not very good but I'll try my best to improve! Mad love the mask, must try it if anyone of you can get hold of it :D I hope you all can have very smooth & chio skin like me too! 

Lastly, don't be lazy, you have to work hard to get what you want! :D

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