Nov 17, 2012

Face Q ♛

HELLO! Starting this post with a huge face of mine (;

So, few days go I mentioned about my sister helping me buy Love More facial masks from Taiwan. There was extra money so she bought another one for me.

FACE Q !!!

Let me try you! (:


This is the Grape seed + Green tea mask. I kinda think she chose this because its purple LOL She likes purple while I hate it (unless its in pastel, all pastel colours are in no doubt acceptable hahaha)

This is how it looks like when you take it out.

Get ready to see my masked up face...

Err, I dont really like this cause again, its too big for me!!! It goes right under my chin & when I fold, it touches my neck :x

See, I even had to fold in the nose part ):

& look at the excess mask on my hair! 

But forget the size, it's really good & smells nice too! 

& unlike Love More, this mask is extremely wet!!! Look at the solution I poured out from the packed.

& my face after taking the mask down. So wet!

Err, I think its very hard to see but I tried my best to take a picture of it dy.. This is the best I can get, the solution is dripping all over my legs & the floor. I squeezed the solution out of the mask and it was actually more than this.

See, the mask still full of solution after I applied for 20 minutes! And I havent even finish squeezing it dry :O :O :O

Super super full of goodness! hahahah

Normally I will wash my face after applying masks because I dont like the stickiness on my face.

Love your face, Love Face Q. 

I love you all too, 

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