Nov 12, 2012

I've Got Ze Giggling Pants!

Well, apparently I have ran out of topics to talk about so here's Jenna Marbles to entertain you (; 
She's a really funny person but err, not suitable for minors because of her language. I don't want to get blamed for introducing her to you all. Just in case you all start talking like her :x

One of the many videos that I find its funniest : What do girls do on the car

Another : What boys do in cars

Last : What girls do on the internet

Seriously, I think she is the funniest person I know on youtube and I love her videos! Super funny and real.
I heard that she earns half a million for a year. Just by posting crapp entertaining funny stuff on youtube!
I think I should just go ahead and become a vlogger / youtuber instead of just a blogger hahahaha. 

NAH, I'm kidding! I'm gonna become a famous artist in korea/japan/taiwan. if not, i'll be back to blog. 

BTW this is my last scheduled post so please miss me a lot, i'll be back during the deepavali holidays (: 

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