Mar 21, 2014

Would You Rather

It's almost a tradition to start all my blogposts with my face hahahaha
JSAW & NJY kept saying that the stupid annoying song selfie is my theme song wtf. Ok fine whatever. hahahahaha

Anyway, this is a crazy difficult one, read through the questions and I'm like, should I even answer these? /cries/ but for the sake of entertainment, yes, challenge accepted!

So, here goes nothing, (bold fonts are my choices and then explanation)

1. Would you rather...
Live one 1,000-year life? - uhm千年老妖? muahahahhaa
live ten 100-year lives?

2. Would you rather...
Have hiccups for the rest of your life?
feel like you need to sneeze and not be able to for the rest of your life? - cause i get hiccups a lot and i think hiccups are mad annoying

3. Would you rather...
Have the ability to read minds? (You will be illiterate.) - well, idk bout other people but I picture stuff in my mind more than word them so it doesn't matter if I cant read hahaha
have just have the ability to read?

4. Would you rather... (WHAAAAAT)
Watch your parents have sex every day for a year? - wtf I will never join them
join in once to make it stop?

5. Would you rather...
Eat chocolate-flavored poop? - DUHHH, chocolate flavour k!
eat poop-flavored chocolate?

6. You're on a desert island with a beautiful woman or man. Would you rather...
They are top-half fish?
they are bottom-half fish? - merman! hahahaha

7. Would you rather...
Fart popcorn?
have your past and future web browsing history available to everyone? - nothing to hide babeh, i think hahahaa if i ever went to any stupid webpages last time

8. Would you rather...
Go to Hogwarts and still be a muggle? - cmon man, it's Hogwarts k, emma watson!
live in a world with Pokemon, but only be able to catch Magikarps?

9. Would you rather... (DEFUG)
Have a vagina on your forehead?
have a row of penises down your back like a stegosaurus? - I can err, surgically remove them...

10. Would you rather...
Have a bell go off every single time you were aroused?
Feel a sharp pain in your side every single time someone said your name? - shut up or call me something else other than my name!!!

11. Would you rather...
Have accordions for legs? - it's music everywhere I go man hahahhaa
have a huge belly button 10 inches long that swayed to the beat of popular music?

12. Would you rather...
Have sex with a goat, and no one knows that you did it?
NOT have sex with a goat, but everyone THINKS you did it? - people can think whatever they want, as long as I know my conscious is clear

13. Would you rather...
Live in a world where huge, friendly gummy bears walk around? - yay and then we can sing the gummy bear song together!!!
live in a world where hover boards exist?

14. Would you rather...
Live the rest of your life with Cheeto dust on your fingers? - yums
have taste buds in your butt?

15. And now, the hardest would you rather question you will ever be asked: Would you rather...
Have a side soup? - how is this hard? soup anyday, i hate salad!
have a side salad?

HAHAHAHA. Some questions are so ridiculous!!! Took me awhile to decide.
Anyway, I got this off the internet too, feel free to do it if you want!
Or maybe you can send me some WYR questions to me on at the sidebar! :D
Hope you enjoyed reading this!

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