May 6, 2014


So this week hasn't been really good to me cause

1st, I fell sick during the weekend and I couldnt do my homework + I left my laptop in sg so I couldnt do it too anyways.

2nd, I forgotten to bring my homework back from jb so on Monday I had to go all the way back to get it and to rush back to do my work

3rd, my iphone went bonkers on me, again. This is it refuses to be saved. haih, 2years+, but gwenchana jalheasswoyo, you done your work well. Maybe an heir for you will come soon.

4th, didn't finish my work on time and got lecturered (actually more than half the class didn't pass up, some of them didn't even come to school but I felt bu gan yuan because is not I don't want to do, is I sick!)

Anyway, today is the first day I have no phone to use, but the sunlight in my room is so nice I need to selfie a bit hahahhaa so I used my sony phone to selfie, turns out the photos are actually quite HQ hahaha I like! the only con is that the front camera sucks more than my iphone front camera (duh) haha

Actually today i'[m suppose to go over Ngee Ann City M.A.C to take photos of the interior but I cannot be bothered cause totally no mood & no one accompany ): joymama suddenly got work to do, bbyeunice then got work at the ice exhibition today haih. Nvm la, get from internet also same lolol #lazyrule

Ugh, in need of a manicure but why does my nail keep cracking! D:

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