May 6, 2014

For you,

Cause after what everything happened, after all the truth has been revealed but I still cant bring myself to hate you or even want to see any harm come to you. I still pray that you'll be happy and healthy, maybe one day realize your mistake and feel sorry for what you have done. I don't love you anymore but I don't hate you too. I'm sorry I said stuff that made you mad I'm sorry I did stuff that you didn't like. I'm sorry I broke my promise of never speaking ill of you. I hope one day you will realized how nice I was to you and how you never appreciated that and also that you would sincerely treat your next girl right. Some may say I am too kind hearted some may say I'm too soft hearted. But all I know is I don't wanna hate. It's really tiring to be always thinking how your life should suck, how you should just go to hell and get tortured forever how karma should get to you. Right now, all I want is for you to know what you did was wrong and for God to forgive you because I want to be happy and not think of you anymore cause after so long I still missed you, the nice you when we first started. And now, I just wanna let go and be happy and put you in the past.

Thank you for those nice and happy memories. Thank you for showing me what kind of person you really are too. Have great day. God bless you and your family.


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