May 15, 2014


So as you all know my phone went berserk last week and I had to bear not using my iphone for the entire week and yes, i survived *pats own back* because i'm a total iphone junkie like i'm using my phone all the time, except when i'm sleeping. hahaha

Anyway, phone is back now and apps are all redownloaded, lost all contacts but its okay cause now I only have those that I really do need and do talk to. Others, I dont really need them. Redownloaded games and now i'm starting to play The Sims and My Little Pony all over again, finally got around downloaded tetris and now i'm hooked hahahaha. The frozen game is also damn addictive like candy crush was, almost same concept game except that this is frozen.

I'm bored and I just wanna update and type something in. Nothing much to say, I don't know what to blog about anymore. haih, I dont know how some people can blog all the time, they must have so much to say hahahhahaa oops.

bye, xoxo.

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