May 16, 2014

Week 4

From now on, I think I will be doing small updates during the week like how I felt and some random stuff, then a post on Fridays about how my week went. Send me a <3 on (sidebar!) if you like this idea ok (: I'll try my very very best to keep to this type of update. For Sundays and Saturdays will be random cause I normally will be just doing homework/school stuff, go to church and/or basically doing nothing but play with my phone on my bed hahaha

* * * * * *

It's already the fourth week of school! Or should I say only the fourth week? Cause I'm definitely looking forward to term break in mid June already. HAHAHA hashtag student life.

Anyway, what have I done this week:

Long winded and tired day. Traveled to KL alone for the first time.

Got my nails done and then cut & washed my hair (cause I just did my nails and I can't wash my own hair) both at KSL. The salon was uhm, supposedly, I though, should be those quite good ones, looking from outside but I'm not sure is it their service problem or were they too busy or what cause I didn't like it. I didn't assign anyone to get my hair done cause it was my first time there so they just anyhow assigned someone to cut my hair. The hair cutting part was fine, just washing. I waited for a long time for someone to actually come over and ask me what I'm waiting for "wash my hair" "ok" waits again. Then someone came over and washed my hair and stuff. She then blew my hair for a minute and she went away to check on other customers, ok nevermind, wait some more. 5 minutes passed, a guy walked pass "eh this one who never dry her hair!" he shouts to no one. Then he picked up the hair dryer and blew while talking to some other workers then he put down the dryer and walked away. My hair not even half dried yet! Then another guy came and blew and walked away, again, another came and went. Finally a nothing-to-do girl came and blew my hair properly. It was already almost an hour and I'M IN A RUSH. I did mentioned it when I first stepped into the salon. Then the first guy who cut my hair came over and trimmed a bit and I payed and left.

Took a taxi home and fasterly showered and called a taxi again to get to Larkin. It was then 3pm when I finally got through a taxi operator, my bus starts at 3.30pm. No prize guessing how kanchiong I was. Then it jammed a bit and when I reach the bus station it was 3.20pm and I haven't had my lunch yet!!! So I quickly checked in my ticket and bought some bread then waited for the bus. 3.30pm, why my bus haven't come yet! Then this uncle (bus conductor or something idk what is it called but he was wearing a cw bus uniform) came and asked me what i'm waiting for. THANK GOD HE ASKED. Cause I freaking waited at the wrong side -.- Luckily it was only on the opposite side of where I was waiting at and the bus was still there.

 5 hours passed and I finally reached KL. Dinner with cousin sisters and cousin brother-in-law then went back to my cuz sis's place to zzz.

Woke up at 11 to prepare for the audition I was joining. I never told anyone cause I didn't want any fuss so I'm not telling, will make a post about it if I get into semi finals. And yes, the audition was the only reason why I went up to KL and skipped school. Oops.

Had brunch at COSANS COFFEE after going round and round subang. So jam! Like mount austion hahaha. The shop is super cold. And I think I'm addicted to oreo.

Chocolate oreo frap ♡♡♡ Starbucks, Y U NO HAVE DIZ!!! ):

Ordered a roasted beef sandwich too! Which was yummy but too big for me! It was huge, actually. I'm not surprised that I couldn't finish it.

After brunch, we went over to the audition place and took the audition, it was mad scary and nerve breaking. If it weren't for my cousin sister being there I think I would have ran away already.

Juki Baby ♡♡♡

After that, had mothers' day dinner with my aunt and family at a grill seafood place. SUPER SUPER NICE!!! I had 2 bowls of big rice and a lot of mutton hehehe. My eldest BIL saw that I cannot eat spicy or prawns or sotong so he ordered an extra serving of mutton and placed it right in front of me telling other others that they cannot eat cause it's for me hahahaha but ofc, no one listened to him and sapu them anyways.

The picture under the word 'Hing Ket' was the mutton, super super super soft and juicy and smell daaaamn good. It's bbq meat and it's from overseas mah! haha. And omg I need to rave about the crab. SO. DAMN. GOOD. Smells heavenly please I need to eat again. I think it was steamed alive and then bbq-ed, which explains why it was still damn juicy after being bbq-ed. And it was huge *drools 3 buckets*

Came back from KL! hehe then slacked (cause I didnt bring any homework back from singapore) and downloaded games on my phone.

This was how Shaun started calling me fishballs -.-

May nails! My classmate said I didn't have enough black polish, thats why I has yellow on them -.- Damn farni, har har har.

Home sweet home! ♡

Couldn't wake up early to go fetch darling Travis with mom cause I slept late the night before ): So I missed breakfast time too, but it's okay, I got woken up by my darling little boy (;

Babysat him while watching mean girls and then gossip girl, I know I'm late to watch these, don't judge me! hahaha. It was awesome. Ok wait, I don't really remember if I watched mean girls & gossip girl on Tuesday or what...... I have problems remembering stuff, the other day eunicebby had to remind me about xh's birthday for like 6/7 times in an hour cause I keep remembering it wrongly. I either get the date wrong or the month wrong or both totally wrong! Ugh, I need to eat some pig brains to 'bou' my brain lolol oh btw, I saw this joke on Twitter that day and it was damn funny.
" lol <- a drowning man , *lol* <- a drowning cheerleader " 
HAHAHAHAHHAA saw this in class and I was like safchdgsafjo *sniffles laughter*

I'm going too far now right... LOL, this reminds me of the video of ADHD by nigahiga which mentioned that an ADHD person would be talking about one thing and then link it to one and then to another then until you don't know where you were, which I will link it here if you're interested hahaha, he made everyone sound like they had ADHD cause I, too, does almost all of these that he mentioned.

OK back to my daily schedule wth I'm going somewhere else again.

Woke up early to go straight to school from JB and I was late. Why? I'm blaming the buses. There was no freaking bus, idky! Normally it takes about 1 hour 45 minutes to reach school from JB customs but it took me 2 and half hours that day. Ok, the bus waiting was fine. What made me angry was this flying banana bus driver. Just so you know, it's a bridge away from JB >>> SG. I was stuck on that bridge for 40 minutes. yes, tell me again. It's not suppose to be so jam at that time! Ok, so what happened was, there was a few lanes and my dearest Mr bus driver decided to take the slowest moving lane *claps hands for him* the lane next to ours was moving and moving but ours was like not moving -.- at all. He just followed behind the lorry and never even made any move to change to the other lane. So pissed off cause there wasn't any vehicles in front after we reached there!!! UGH. Ok, stop nagging about this already. After the first lesson, we had lunchie and there was so many people in south canteen and I had to wait for damn long ):

#OOTD (;

Even though it's a bit blur, I actually like this shot cause I look genuinely happy here haha

Our condo project from year 1, still standing tall and strong(?) hahaha, the left one (my class's!) is slanting backwards already and the middle one is also slanting. The right one is still standing the strongest cause it's err, short? hahaha.

At night, I went over to cwp to meet Alan (yes bro, you can terasa now, i'm not talking about my lecturer this time hahahaha) for dinner then I saw the cutest water bottle everrrrrrr......

Wayne's lesson! He finally approved my trophy design TvT drew 10 last week and personally I think it all sucked

New water bottle! HAHAHA. Don't judge me, I know  it's childish because of the straw inside but I love it! It's too adorbs to just ignore it ): plus, I need a bottle. I have been using plastic bottles for like, half a year already. My old bottle used since form 5 can be throw away le. Not spoil but I feel like bottles cannot be used for too long, it's unhygienic.

It was suddenly raining! lolol, damn funny how I saw it was hot and sunny from my window but by the time I reach downstairs, it was cloudy and windy. Then I was walking to school from mrt station, halfway and then a sudden super heavy downpour! Weird sky is weird. First lesson was Alan (lecturer! Maybe I shld call him AlanO like ow it was shown in the timetable) lesson, like finally. The 4th week of school and the first time I saw him. No surprise cause I haven't seen Larry yet... BTW, I think AlanO got a bit fatter hahahhahaa

Lesson should have been until 12 but I have no idea why the other class are always taking our lesson time -.- ALWAYS. Since last year and we always have to combine classes with them, I really hate it cause it's OUR lesson time but we have to share with them and they are always hogging AlanO ugh, make us unable to consult him in our lesson time and kena scold for not consulting and hence being in a slower pace!!! Ok, so lesson ended at 10.30am and I had mcd breakfast with eunicebby TvT love love love! mcd breakfast haha :D

The next lesson starts at 1pm so we lepak and went window shopping at our school shopping arcade. Tested all the lipsticks and make up, smelt all the perfume and deodorant and body mist, looked and touched everything then went down to the atrium where there was a sale.

1pm, lesson starts and dear Prof Kong starts his grandpa story (really grandpa! He is almost 70!) and I was too bored, so...

Favourite! OREO!!! HAHAHA

After the lesson ended, met the bff and came back JB together, tempted to get starbucks but there was too many people and also I'm contemplating if I should go to starbucks and do 3D MAX tomorrow...

Ok, that's all for this week. Please please please tell me if you'd like me to do a weekly friday post ok! section is at the sidebar!!!

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