May 8, 2014

More Crap

140507. Yesterday was such a special day! My niece is finally born!!! hahaha. She looks exactly like darling Travis when he was born ok. Just she is chubbier hahaha maybe because she had more time in the womb.

Welcome to the world baby Olivia, your xiao yii is going to spoil you and buy you lots of girly stuff and when you grow up I'm gonna be the cool aunty and talk to you about boys ok. HAHAHA why you so chubby, I want to squeeze and kiss your face!!!!!


I'm so tired, I don't even know why. It's like this whole week has gone pass me so quickly. All I done was assignments, assignments and more assignments, one after another. iPhone is still cray cray. So here are Sony quality photos! Not bad leh, really. Even the oil on my face is showing hahahhaa I just came back from school when I took these... It's Sony Xperia L, not bad, really. NO EDIT, NO FILTER, NO MAKE UP (except for brows), NO LENS, NO MEIYANXIANGJI, NO MEITUXIUXIU. So this is my straight back from school shag face!!! hahahaha

Btw, so I was going through my facebook photos that day and I saw the album I created for us (that only the both of us can see) and it made me miss you. Ugh, hormones, pms, missing you only happens during this time and I specially hate this time. I really feel like talking to you but my guts are telling me to let go, stop thinking, stop missing and stop listening to emo songs. fml emo songs are my jam right now.

I'm not emo at all. I just like emo, sad, slow songs. And quotes cause when I read them, I can feel the writer, what he/she was thinking when writing it. IDK, maybe I'm getting old, I'm starting to feel things and think more deeply into stuff like my lecturers fml. Ok need to do Alan work now. Bye.


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