Jun 26, 2014


I know, I know. I had been MIA for so so so long, Promised I'd be updating regularly and also be updating once my term break starts and I haven't done that yet.

I swear I haven't been lazing around everyday like I usually does during the hols. Ok, actually I laze around is because none of my friends are free to go out with me. Or I should just blame myself for not having a lot of friends. Cause I'm socially awkward like that.

Ugh anyway.

The reason to this is (not an excuse) I cannot transfer any of my photos into my com!!! UGH. Since before my phone went bonkers that time, I couldnt load any files into or out of my phone. So I have like, zero songs in my phone and full of images that cannot be loaded. Yes, iphone is pretty and sleek and shit but when it comes to all these transferring stuff, it sucks balls. I hate it. I hate how I must have bloody itunes and how it cannot bluetooth anything to anyone. It basically just sucks. Sucks balls. I hate it ughhhh. I have been thinking of changing to Samsung but the thought of iphone 6 is so tempting T^T


So I'm trying to dropbox all my photos into my com, bear with me some more while this gadget nood tries her best to fix this problem without bothering anyone with her stupidness T^T

be back soon, i hope.

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