Jun 11, 2013

Choco Baby

HI !!!

So, I finally dyed my hair yesterday & it was a huge disappointment. I expected it to be red like this..

Instead, it turned out to be brown. Cannot even be bothered to take a photo of it but it doesn't matter cause you'll see it in my recent photos. Oh wait, the photo above IS a recent photo. Just took it this morning when I was lazing. Hehehe. Holidays now! I'm suppose to be doing work & work & work and not work & rest & rest... 

Ahhh, I semi gave up on my driving already. I don't know if I still remember how to even start the engine. BFF already got her license. When is my turn!?!!! ): I shouldn't have procrastinated that time when I was free. Now I'm so flooded with assignments & projects. Two weeks of holidays are defo not enough!!! *demands for a month holiday!!!* 

Also, I'm in need of shopping! The shopaholic inside me is going cray cray. I have nothing to wear!! No shoes, no shirt, no pants, no skirt, no bikini! Hahaha. I really wanna go to the beach. To lie on the sand cause I'm lazy like that hehehe.

Gotta go colour my colour wheel & make a model out of it now byeeee (; 


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