Oct 1, 2013

Hello, birthday month.


I'm not sure if anyone here is aware of this but it's my birthday month again. I'm turning 18 very soon. Omg. I'm gonna be legal soon. I can go to clubs and drink now hahahahaha kidding, I never clubbed before although I'd very much like to try it one day. I mean, I'm really curious how inside looks like. In my imagination and from what I see on tv and photos of other people and heard about it, it's a dark place with loud songs with a lot of dancing (drunk/half drunk/just started) people, people smoking and a lot of colourful lighting that I like. Also, I'd finally be able to change my I/C photo TvT the photo now is really damn ugly wth. It was taken when I was 12 years old, round specs, short ugly messy hair, stupid smile and overexposed lighting...

Anyway, today is officially the first day of my shop opening. I'm currently selling baby outfits, children outfits, family outfits. Will be adding pet outfits soon. Shipping only throughout Malaysia. If anyone of you is interested, this is my FACEBOOK PAGE and the instagram account is @babywearhouse143. Will be uploading cute baby/little animal photos as well so follow follow and help me share out the page, like and follow my ig account! (:

Retaking driving test tomorrow. I must say I don't know how should I feel right now. I just hope I wouldn't waste money and faster pass the test. May God bless me and my car and the pegawai......

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