Oct 3, 2013

18th Birthday

Few days ago my mom kept asking me what do I wanna do for my 18th birthday since turning 18 is a special occasion. Like, I've turned legal. She suggested a small celebration, inviting my friends over and have bbq. I just said I don't know. Actually I do know what I want. I just don't think it'll work cause my birthday plans almost never work..

Initially I wanted a party like I mentioned in my other the other time on my dream party but I figured that would be for my 21st birthday cause it classier. For 18th birthday, I would want it to be more of a fun party. A pool/beach party. With bbq. I really like bbqs. The chicken wing, the hotdogs with honey, the corn, the fish, the meat, the drinks, the fun. But I dont think this will work since my friends are all so busy with their own lives :x

But well if this doesn't work, I'm actually thinking of just going out with him, a nice place, nice meal and cake maybe (omg i love birthday cakes, I always eat cakes but birthday cakes are special), or high tea/meal with a few friends also can, hmm or maybe get some money to go shopping or pamper myself with a pedicure/manicure. Just to pamper myself a little before school starts, which is on 14th oct. So not looking forward to it. I actually feel like quitting school already. Taking a course here might be even cheaper. And I can stay here. I hate going back to Singapore. I hate school. Not to mention the exchange rate is so high now I can't even....

Anyway, I passed my driving test like, finallyyyyy. Can't wait to get my P license and be able to drive out. Yes, I did mentioned that I hate driving but I think thats because i'm annoyed by the driving instructor's naggings. Ahhh but now its finally all over.

PS: will be posting some nail art tutorials soon (;


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