Oct 16, 2013

Half A Week Passed

So, I'm back to poly and well assignments starting again..

First day of school:
Weird, totally weird. almost everyone changed their hair style/colour. Even the lecturers. Alan started wearing glasses. No wonder he looks weird, i thought he changed glasses until eunice reminded me that he never use to wear specs. Ahh, first day of school was not bad. Expected to have colour studies the first thing in the morning but when I went into the studio, I was like WHY IS WAYNE HERE. And i got the news that they changed the timetable, again #typical. Anyway, lesson was great cause we got to watch one of my fav cartoon anime - howl's moving castle (and got asdgfbflmwhjo by howl's handsomeness... omg, i'm fanatising a cartoon character.) after watching the movie, the real deal came. We are freaking expected to design a moving castle of our own. How to even......


15th oct:
Its Hari Raya Haji! Went back to jb cause my roommate is going back too. Don't wanna be alone in this place, landlord and landlady went holiday so i'll be all alone.. boo hoo. Anyway, I drove! OMG. At first I told me dad I'll just be driving in the neighbourhood but when I went on the car and started engine and opened the gate, I panicked. I realized I have no idea how to reverse out from our parking space (slanting position). So i off/closed everything and went back to find my dad to help me. He accompanied me a few rounds in and out of the neighbourhood and then I'm good to go. drove around by myself a few more rounds and went home. played a few rounds of pokopang on the bed, bored out, not daring to ask daddy if I can drive up to austin to fnd him. but after awhile daddy came in my room, saw me lying on my bed and ask why am i not going out. to which i said that my friend is in austin, i cant drive there by myself meh. and he said sure, why not? just be careful. I was like omg seriouslyyyy yayyyy. So then I drove up to austin all by myself and to tebrau city as well. And I made it home safely..


2nd day of school:
Early morning came back singapore for a 2 hour lesson T^T
TYPOGRAPHY. So boring ok. this lecturer (a new one, as in never thought us before cox he is part time lecturer) asked us to self intro wth the thing i hate the most... and class ended at 1pm. came back and started doodling, searching for ideas for my moving castle. wanted to eat the banana mom bought for me on sunday to find worms on it euw *thows out of window* (just kidding, I dont wanna be fined) (ini bukan malaysia)

ok lahhh will blog about my birthday when I am free, no nice pictures ah, no mood to blog also ):

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