Aug 2, 2013

Typical Friday In School

A typical Friday is a day where we camho and play in school.
The below photos were taken a few weeks ago before I had my haircut.

Example of a typical Friday:
Last week studio ended early again so we had our lunch at the faraway north canteen. After lunch, we went to explore the school, trying to find the place where they put the dead bodies in the Health Science block but we couldn't find it. So we ended up taking a few photos (photos still with Geraldine!) under and fucking hot sun at the futsal court and then played scissors paper stone at the staircase and thats where I got a little sunburn on my cheeks and nose ): Anyway, after that Eunice and I went back to class for drawing class and material tech. I love drawing class cause we get to do whatever we went. Material Tech is quite boring and I think I fell asleep? Or was I doing the egg project? Cannot rmb! Hahaha.

Then class ended and I went back JB (:
So this was OOTD that day, if you follow me on instagram I believe you shld alrdy seen it.

TOP: Bugis Street
BOTTOM: Far East Plaza

Cause they think it's funny to chance my lockscreen to this... 
And she said "I'm looking at youuuuuu"
Stupid childish girls -.- LOL

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