Aug 30, 2013

Jack Jack's 17th!

And so our surprise was a success. Thanks to,

Emma, me, Ryan, birthday boy himself and Shaun!

Birthday boi!

When we reached his room we were ready to sing a birthday song for him but alas, he was bathing. So we went downstairs and borrowed a lighter while waiting for him. And guess what? He came out of his room half naked wtf hahahaha. And he was shy about it wtf. After he changed, we went to blackball and chilled. After while Shaun left and we camhoed a bit and went for movie (elysium) which was totally gross. It was PG18 and the boy who was 17 never got his IC check while I got checked wtf lol. Ok la, I got a child like face.

I never take one with birthday boy cause he sat too far away from me lol
A lot more photos but mostly are in his new htc oneeeeee.


Hello Jack Jack,
IDK if you'll read this but thank you for being my bff. Thanks for tolerating all my bullshit and attitude and craziness and all those stuff. Please continue being an awesome friend. Cannot turn your back on me because I need a tong sampah for all my rants kkkk I HEART CHU. Stay sweet with AHEM yah hahahahahaa XD

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