Aug 21, 2013

Late night thoughts

Take silly photos with me. 
Take candid photos of me. 
Compliment me. 
Send me long/cheesy texts. 
Send me lyrics from a love song. 
Sing me to sleep. 
Apologize first if we ever quarrel. 
Carcass my head. 
Kiss my forehead. 
Hold my hand in front of his friends. 
Surprise me with little gifts. 
Never late for dates. 
Let me wear his clothes. 
Bring me everywhere I want to go. 
Buy me food. 
Understand me. 
Respect me. 
Hug me. 
Play with my hair. 
Paint my nails. 
Cook for me. 
Dance with me.
Act silly with me.
Goes shopping with me. 
Always tell me he loves me.
Keeping his promises. 
Calls me princess and treat me like one. 

- my dream boyfriend. 

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