Aug 27, 2013

Half A Day With My Honeybees

Hi everyone, I'm back with an overdue post!
Sorry for neglecting this space for so long.
I had been busy with submissions.
Anyway, it's holidays now, meaning, more time to blog!
You happy? hahaha.


Went to sing K at Music Band. Sang the same song trice and they were like whuuuut hahahahaa
As usual, I was just hogging the mic and singing to every song cause I basically know 98% of the song they picked. They knew like 30% of those that I picked :x seriously? our music taste so different meh......
Ok, after that we had snogurt at next door hahaha cornflakes with froyo is fucking yums. 
Nothing much to say la, just see photos ok?

This girl became prettier after going to college ahh hahaha

Some photos taken with Note II some with my iPhone 4s. Don't rmb which is which so just guess lah ok hahaha :p

Oh ya, we took instavideo that day and it was so funny. We were the only customer at that time so it doesn't really matter if we were too loud. I like! XD

New post tomorrow.
Stay tuned :D
*tries to get back nice blog stats*

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