Aug 3, 2013

Another Typical Friday

This was last last Friday.
Nothing much to say lah, you all know what is a 'typical Friday' alrdy hehehe.
Studio -> Lunch -> Selca -> Drawing -> Material Tech
Oh yaaa, we went for video recording that day! For Comm Skills assignment (news broadcasting). Then I went home late and met my cousin brother's friend (ok la, also my friend now or rather, acquaintance). Lucky for me cause the bus lane was asdfhjkl, and if weren't for him I would have lined up for the wrong bus again!
Too many photos alrdy, mostly just me and Eunice playing with different camera effects on camera360 cause XH & JoyJoy went to record videos for newsbroadcasting.
 I cannot be bothered to enlarge all of them #lazyblogger

(does anyone know how to make your photos to be always large when uploaded? please tell me how!)

Ok thats all! Sorry for pushing a crap post in your face again!
Thanks for reading until here anyway (:

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