Aug 29, 2013

School Excursion to Singapore's National Museum


Actually, it wasn't much of an excursion. Just having History of Art lesson at the musuem.

Typical camho. Must camho on the bus.

My nose looks nice here.

Make up cause I looked damn shagged that day

Also, I was kinda pissed off that day cause I lost my ezlink card -.-

It was a long journey.

Then I fell asleep.

Before we reach we passed by this marital place and garden where we saw a couple kissing :x oops hahaha

Tickets to the exhibition! Doesn't it look like concert tickets? hahaha #toomuchkpop #sorrynotsorry

Some of the painting there.

I really like these greek/roman painting.

This one has a story line. Not sure if I rmb it correctly.
1. Saying this woman gave birth to a pair of twins - boy and girl.
2. The kids grew up and was hunting for this monster.
3. The monster attacked them.
4. One of the kid (or two of them?) died. The people were very sad.

I really like this. The trees were.... wow.

Eunice, me, Cherrie!

Second take cause Eunice was too tall!

The roof.

Touristy shot. (Technically we ARE touring)

The exterior of the museum.

Then we tried to get back home cause apparently, our lecturer left us there to die. We took a bus back to AMK and god I almost died. This person in front of me stinked like idk what. Should be his sweat I guess ugh. And the air con on the bus was damn cold. Eunice and I almost became popsicles. Anyway, we reached AMK hub and had dinner at the food court outside. Totally wrong choice to sit in front of the zhap chai  beng shop when we ordered zhap chai beng. The guys selling it kept trying to talk to us :x most uncomfortable meal ever. Then after that we went on our seperate ways back home.

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