Aug 11, 2013


So, I've been really tired for the past few days. Submissions are really killing me. What's worse is that I cannot stay up or wake up early cause my lazy body refuse to get up. I hate myself for not being able to have little sleep. I hate how I need sleep more than anything else cause the more I sleep, the less time I have to do my work, I cant rest. I feel guilty when I rest, like, I'm wasting my time doing nothing but if I don't rest, my work becomes shitty and my mood becomes shitty and my works become shitty and like that.. 

I want my holidays. 
I'm missing my high school life.
Even though I haven't much close friends  like I have now in poly, and I dislike most of the people in high school, those days were carefree. I didn't have to worry about submissions and grades. Homework not done? Copy. Exams coming? Just read the textbook and do some exercises. Now? All the work are compiled into the same timing and studio haven't even finish giving the exercises! 😠 How to finish up all exercises and compile??? Also, the model. Ahh, this I'm really angry. It's suppose to be classwork. At first when I asked if this and that need to be standardize, you all say no need, just do your own design. Then, I alrdy measured out the size and some people had even alrdy cut out the doors and windows and wallpapers then now you say standardize??? Walao. Waste time, waste effort! Next class alrdy started cutting out their walls and base and we are still discussing about door size, window size, wall colour, lift shaft size... ASDFGHJKL 😠😠 No wonder we are so slow! Other 2 classes haven't holiday some alrdy done the whole floor cause they had 2 weeks to do. Us? We only have 1 week cause of this stupid assfghjkl idk who that said want to standardize!!! TMD. Now see lah, everyone else doing furnitures and our class? Mostly still cutting fucking damn walls, just like me!!! 😠😠👊 What if our submission fucked up? We don't have other work other than model making? Model making's credits are so much lesser than Alan's and studio work you know. I haven't even done all my studio work and the perspective also haven't done detailing. Thank God no need to render, else I will die. Oh ya, studio work I also haven't done the latest wall covering for designed bedroom. See la, you all make me no time. I made myself no time by sleeping and typing these shit that probably no one understands. 

I love my new friends. But I really miss my old friends and the memories, the time we spent together for (mostly) 5 years. I miss Sara Chui, I miss Wei Shann, I miss Cheng Ying, I miss Chan Li Yu, Ler Yi, Lynette, Twinnie, Zu Guan, Sudden, XYN, Kim, MC, AJH, Aida, Aimi, CSN, 5 Cerdik, Jacko, Nim Jin Yuan, Sarah Toh, Samuel Toh... If I miss out your name I'm sorry, I miss you too. haih, complain so much also no use. I better get going to do my model. FML. 

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