Oct 21, 2014

Trattoria Asiatico Italian Restaurant


Continuing my last birthday post, as I was saying it was my 19th birthday! TBH, I didn't prepare or planned anything at all which explained why my birthday was so boring lol but it's okay. My day was better today (12th).

Early in the morning, I went for a photoshoot event and after the event, the photographers surprised me with a a birthday cake and song! It was my first ever surprise birthday so I was pretty touched. I mean, I wasn't that close with them yet they did this for me TvT Special thanks to Chris for being the mastermind haha. Can you believe that it was only my 2nd time meeting him, and he alrdy gave me such a nice present? Good people exist! *faith in human race restored*

Thank you for the cake, people! ♥

After the photoshoot, I went for lunch with the blogger girls, Ma Cherie and a guy haha at a newly opened Italian Restaurant at Austin Heights. The address and details will be posted at the end of the post (:

The interior is pretty clean and neat looking. It has the feeling of being new like, it seems that it's not done furnishing yet. I like it. It's clean looking.

First, we were served with white wine.
TBH I almost laughed when I saw our glasses being filled because earlier in the morning during the photoshoot, I had been holding a wine glass for almost all the 3 hours of the shoot. Different glasses of wine like red wine, white wine, martini(?) so to be holding another glass again is just to funny for me, like my day revolves around wine glasses. Funny? Okay, not funny. Sorry.

Anyway, it is said that for each sip we drink after tasting a dish, the taste of the wine changes accordingly. I'm no wine expert so I can't taste any difference, only difference I tasted was that the wine got pretty dry after it gets warm.

We were served with a lot of dishes that day! Thank God I didn't decide to eat the complimentary meal from my photoshoot before I come.

* for my favourites (;


* 18 months aged parma ham with melon - RM28
It's pretty salty if you just eat the meat but if you eat it al together, it's super good. 
The meat is quite melty, when you put inside your mouth it feels like it melts! CHEHWAH but seriously, it does. 

Blue swimmer crab with watermelon - RM22
The crab is from alaska, not sure if it tastes different from other place but this one taste not bad but a bit fishy for me. I hate fishy smell like oyster and fish and other seafood so this one is a no no for me. But if you like seafood and don't mind fishy smell, this is also a most try because it's special haha. Oh and the most bottom layer is carrot puree! So cute LOL

Buffalo mozerella cheese, fresh tomato & pesto sauce - RM25
I am a huge anti fan of tomatoes. HATE UGH. So I didn't try this :x But from how it was wiped clean from the plate, I guess it tastes nice. 

I didn try the cheese though, pretty good. Buffalo milk. haha, Weird, I know. At first I even asked Ler, buffalo got milk one ah? And she's like, O.O yes -.- HAHA, sorry bimbo mode.

* Seared hand dive Hokkaido scallops and asparagus ham - RM25
I think what's so special about these scallops is that they are actually half cooked. It tastes really fresh but at the same time don't have the disgusting fishy smell. I hope you get what I mean hahaha. The red sauce is beetroot sauce, taste sweet! :D

Main dish:

Home made squid ink tagliolini pasta with crab and white wine - RM32
The noodles from this dish is homemade, as the name suggests. So you don't get a black mouth after you eat this. I think that's the only thing I like about this dish :x I must say that I dislike this the most. Just. Ugh. Not a fan of fishy smelling food. Also it got pretty dry and after it goes cold, the fishy smell just got stronger. I had to drink so much water after eating this.

** Spaghetti with sea urchin - RM48
I like this!!! The sauce is mentaiko sauce and it's so yums!!! I didn't like the sea urchin though, but again, I guess most people don't like it cause for god's sake it's basically bile. It's bitter. But other than that, it's really good. ** two stars because I feel the need to emphasize on how much I love this.

Home made fettucini pasta with beef & truffle veal jus - RM38
This one don't taste as special as it sounds. The beef taste is pretty strong. The noodle is average, like panmee but the beef is damn good. Some of them cannot eat beef so I helped to sapu hahaha #beeflover

* Braised wagyu beef cheek with creamy mash & truffle beef sauce - RM48
I think this is one of the most special dish around because it's served in a jar! Major cuteness. I actually thought it was brownies when it was first served without opening the lid hahahaa. and also, you must be asking, CHEEKS!?!! YES! CHEEKS!!! The face!! hahaha. it's because the cheeks are the most tender part of the cow, because all a cow does everyday is to chew so like the chicken legs, the cow cheek is the most tender part! And with the long hours of braising it, it's super good. 

Pan roasted sea bass with beetroot mashed & seafood caciuccio sauce - RM38
Sea bass will always be good. It's a pity I can't eat prawns because it sure smells super super good T_T

Dessert Time:

* Creme Brulee - RM15
I actually have a love/hate feeling towards creme brulee because as much as I love it, I always cannot finish because it gets 'jelak' after I eat half of it. But maybe because we are sharing or because it's in a plate, I can't get enough of this!!

** Hazelnut and chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream - RM16
This specialty cake is no normal chocolate lava cake. It's HAZELNUT CHOCOLATE CAKE. Wait, what do you mean you don't know the difference?! HAZELNUT CHOCOLATE = NUTELLA!!! And who don't love nutella?! So this is definitely a MUST TRY ♥♥♥

Contact: 016-9124823
Operating Hours: 12pm-10pm daily


then after this super filling late lunch, my parents brought me out for korean dinner again and how can I resist samgyupsal!!! I love love love pork belly. SO MUCH LOVE FOR IT YUMZZZ

I never bother to take photo cause I'm too busy eating hahahaha
The restaurant that I always go to is Kimchi & BBQ at pelangi! (: