Oct 19, 2014

My 19th Birthday

This year, I haven't planned anything at all to do on my birthday. Not even an outing with my friends cause idk, just felt as though they'll be super busy as usual. Plus, I didn't want to make it like a big deal and bother them with my birthday. I mean, it's 19th, not 12, 16, 18 or 21. I didn't bother to make a hassle out of it. Even turn of birthday visibility on facebook because I feel as though it's not really sincere? IDK how to say also. Uhm, like some people only wish because they saw it on facebook instead of they WANT to wish you or they actually remembers your birthday. I hope you get what i mean, but those who wishes me when you see someone wishing me, i appreciate it also! A LOT. Thank you guys so much once again.

So in the morning, I slept until shiok, replied some messages and my mom comes and wished me a happy birthday and asked if I wanna eat anything special. As usual, I'm not sure is this already programmed into my brain or what because every year during my birthday I rave for korean food hahahaha. We then decided to go eat at Ssikkek Korean Restaurant (食客) at pelangi. But on the way it started raining -_____- so we had to change our plans to eat at KSL.

I still didn't know what to eat! So we just aimlessly walk and then I spotted this newly opened Korean stall called BABO KOREAN SNACKS that replaced the Taiwanese snacks stall.

Ordered my favourite Gimbap! 

Japchae (stir fried glass noodle & vegetables)

And Oden Fish Cake!

The gimbap is looove. I love it! Fishcake is love also!! Japchae was a little on the bland side, my mom didn't really like it but it suits my taste. 

2 of us only ordered these 3 items and if you think it's not filling enough, you're wrong. But of course, if you're a big eater then maybe not. For normal people, it's filling! 

I actually came here again after a few days with A and I ate the gimbap and oden again ♥.♥
He ordered the rabokki (ramen + tteokbokki) and apparently it's bland too. I don't know, I didn't try cause it looks squishy lol like everything very sticky and gooey lol.

The menu is on the table so you can just look at the table and order you food. It's opened by Koreans and they also have a wide variety of Korean drinks and ramen. Available for takeaway also! Cause not many chair there, only 4, in fact hahaha. Plus a lot of people walking pass so I guess most people would opt for the takeaway. But i don't really fancy take away food cause your food gets cold when you reach home and it sometimes become wet due to condensation or it's just hard to eat while you walk so I always prefer eating there.

Anyway, I'm not sponsored to write about this. I just like this shop a lot so I wanna share and let people come and support them. Don't want this shop to close down ):

Then after eating, we got back home and prepared to go for a wedding dinner. 

photobomb mom -_-

So this is how I passed my 19th birthday hahahaha pretty boring. Actually i think my real birthday was like on the next day hahaha cause all the celebrations was on the next day LOL I'll blog about it soon. Stay tuned ok.



  1. Haha,Why now just update about u Bday diary? LOL

  2. Bored: wow we got a pretty girl here~