Oct 23, 2014

Cafe Dancing ; Bev C & Maco Vintage

... Dancing because hopping is too mainstream HAHAHAHA plus me and honey loves dancing lol no link.

During the holidays, WS my honey finally stopped working and finally have time for me. Bored of shopping malls, we decided to go on a cafe hopping day. But our biggest problem is we have no car! So we decided to just go to near cafes, like walking distance or cab also don;t have to cab too far that kind. I'm not really familiar with uptown so I planned our route around JB town area.

Our first stop was City Square because we don't know where to meet at hahaha. After hailing a cab, we went to our officialy first stop - BEV C. The cab fare was RM5 from CS, quite ex but it's okay, it's safer than walking over hahaha

BEV C is located right next to the red building in downtown JB.
54 Jalan Tan Hiok Nee
80000 Johor Bahru Malaysia Johor Bahru
Phone +60 7-221 3530
Email ask@bevc.com.my
Operating Hours |
Tue to Fri - 2pm to 11pm (last order, 10.30pm)
Sat & Sun - 1pm to 11pm (last order, 10.30pm)
The first I noticed was the simple layout of the apparel store downstairs. Then the scary stairs hahaha. I once got my leg caught in stairs that has space between the steps when I was younger so now I got phobia of it.

The upstairs was quite small but just like how it was shown in many people's photos.
I shan't blabber so much, just look at the photos.

At first we sat near the window because we though the sunlight would be nice for photos but then realized that it was just too hot there #fol so we moved towards the inner part of the shop.

Come to places like this much act chio a bit hahaha

Lemon & Strawberry pie. So sour omg. hahaha

My rose latte and I 

And of course, the mandatory photo outside.

We had so many NG and it was getting embarrassing because the guys next door was laughing at the both of us :c hahaha awkwarddd

After that, because I was wearing damned new shoes and I forgotten to bring plasters, we had to walk around and in the midst of looking for plasters, we decided to try out the ice creams at The Ice Cream Project. But we didn't know how to order so we walked again wtf hahaha and continue to find plasters. Walked aimlessly and because my feet was killing me and I finally decided to walk to UTC to find a pharmacy but otw there, we found a pharmacy and I was saved.


Dress from factorie | neacklace from Lovisa | Bag from Melacca | Shoes from Sutera Mall | Bracelet from my instashop @charmx101 (Check out the tab above for discount code :*)

Then because of all the walking, we got hungry and proceeded to our next destination earlier than planned time.
MACO VINTAGE18, Jalan Ibrahim
80000 Johor Bahru
Today 12:30 - 23:00
Phone +60 7-221 1475
Email info@maco.com.my
Website http://maco.com.my
Maco Vintage is also super near to the red building. It's right at the carpark, the cafe logo is super big so if you can't see it, you probbly need to check your eyesight hahaha.

My baked pasta (:

WS's chicken chop, which she only ate the chicken -.- I ate the vege and wedges for her lol

After that, we walked back to CS because we don't know where to get a cab. It's like a 10 minutes walk so if you wanna save your money, you can walk. Wouldn't recommend so if you're a girl and it's dark cause that area is not exactly what we call safe.

Was gonna sing kk but super ex so we decided to just drink something.
Gongcha again. I love love love their latte series. okay lah, I only drank Earl Grey Tea latte and Green tea latte before lah. But I think others also quite nice? IDK. But a bit sweet though, I ordered 30% sugar level and still found it sweet.

My day then ended haha


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