Oct 1, 2014

Passport & The Glasshouse Tearoom

The Glasshouse Tearoom
8A, Showhouse
Jalan Persiaran Jaya Putra,
Bandar Putra Jaya, 81100 Johor Bahru
Tel: +607-3007132 / +6012-7751187
Working Hours: 3pm - 11pm (Daily)

Mandatory shot.

OOTD | Credits to Kim

I'm sure many of you already know how glasshouse looks like so I'm not gonna bother getting photos that you can simply google and see #lazyblogger heh

So before we came, I was actually renewing my passport at UTC Kotaraya JB. It's a new place where you can renew your passports or IC or anything else related to those stuff like MBJB etc. I renewed my passport in only an hour! Super fast compared to the one at the old building and Setia Tropical so if any of you need to renew passport or ic or stuff like that, you can go over to UTC Kotaraya JB (building beside Persada Johor) Go to level 2 for passport, level 3 for ic. My grandparents went to renew their ICs and it was really fast too. They're done in less than half an hour but they have to go again to get it the next day.

I haven't anything planned when Kim asked if I wanna go out. So, off we go to Glasshouse Tearoom.

It was not yet 3pm when we reached, thought we can just go in and wait but no, we had to wait until 3pm on the dot. So Kim took some photos outside while I wander around looking at the exterior decorations.

Once it was 3pm, we asked if we can enter and then we were served with menus. We were actually the first customer so it's pretty empty, which was good because no one will photobomb you hahaha. By the time we are done, it's only like 4pm and there's already a lot of people. In fact, the whole downstairs is full.

Kim ordered this Sea Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart [RM10.50] which was highly raved by Jennifer.
I'm not really a huge fan of chocolates so I only took one bite and tbh, I didn't like it at all. the chocolate is too bitter for my taste.

Instead of chocolates, I'm actually more of a fruit/berry person.

My Strawberry dessert from the monthly special menu (it was 30th Sep when I had this so idk if they still have it now) It's basically a whole cup of strawberries in syrup with whipped cream on top. It was maybe about [RM15 ?] I don't quite remember but for that much strawberries in a cup, I think the price is quite worth it lah. Cause strawberries are pretty expensive sometimes.

Isn't it beautiful TvT

We also ordered the popular French Earl Grey. Smells really good. [RM16 ?] Don't remember also! LOL

I quite like the daytime atmosphere. The last time I went, it was night time and the view wasn't that nice. I'd like to go the glasshouse again to try their chocolate fondue. It looks really really good :p



  1. You should apply make up for your photoshoot. That way you can look more prettier :D (bored)

    1. They wanted a natural look so I only had minimal make up on (: but, you mean I not pretty natural? ): hahaha