Sep 19, 2014

Pulau Ketam Steamboat


I had been bugging my mom to bring me for steamboat for the longest time ever and if ya'll don't know, steamboat is our family number 1 favourite (excluding my daddy hahaha)! Like, every year CNY 2nd day, it has became a tradition to have steamboat at my house, I really don't know when did this tradition started but my first memory was our whole family from my momma's side would all gathered at my grandma house for steamboat. Then she moved house to live with my aunty and then the steamboat gathering just came to my house as my house was the most convenient place and also I have a maid to help set up, clean up and stuff.

Nowadays, I came to know many people who love too. I guess it's because it's really good for gathering as people will just sit for hours and cook for hours and talk while the food cook, not to forget that it's fun to create your own dish, like how my BIL likes cooking sambal prawns hahaha. Also, eating steamboat outside is really simple as well. 1. Sit down. 2. Take food 3. Cook & eat 4. Pay and leave.

So recently I've been jio-ed by Kim - Johor Bloggerdise founder - to go for a food review at a newly open steamboat restaurant at Tun Aminah.


As you can see, the place is really open and due to the many electric fans, the place is really really cooling to a point, it's pretty cold after you drink a cold drink LOL serious.

They also have an air conditioned upstairs for VIP customers - people who paid RM1000 and above.

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What's so special about this steamboat restaurant?

The main attraction of this restaurant is the seafood. ALL their seafood are all from Pulau Ketam (translated at crab island) - Last time, the Hainanese fisherman from Klang came to this island to catch crabs and to sell them for a living. Initially they went to and fro every day, which is super burden cause they have to use their sampan or whatever rowing boat to get there. Then after a few months, they decided to build a small house on the swampland so they could stay the night. Eventually the swampland got so popular it turned into a real place called Pulau Ketam LOL - and Pulau Ketam is known for their seafood, just like kukup, but in Klang.

Almost forgotten to mention that they transfer those seafood from Klang almost every single day so you can be sure about it being super fresh.

For now, they are only serving tomyam and chicken bone broth. 

The tomyam, although it's quite spicy, it's really good. I don't normally eat spicy stuff but I'm a sucker to tomyam and asam laksa, so shiok TvT. Anyway imo, the nicer one between these two would be the chicken bone broth. Some places uses msg which the taste of the soup only comes out after adding vege and seafood, also, it causes people to become really thirsty after drinking but this one, it is cooked with real chicken bones and the broth is already sweet even without any ingredients inside! 

*SPECIALTY* Crabs - RM7.50/100g 
tbh, I can't eat eggs well - I hate even chicken eggs - so I skipped this but I heard from the other bloggers that it's super yums.

*SPECIALTY* Fish noodle and fish balls - Big (RM12) // Small (RM6)
These are made of 100% seabass and I love how it's so bouncy and Q it is! It's so nice we even ordered another plate of fish noodles hahaha

Fish meat RM13 per plate

Cuttlefish RM15 per plate

3 pax set - RM52.50

***LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS*** USA Kurobota pork slices RM24 per plate
If you all don't know, my number 2 favourite type of meat is pork. And this pork, is one beautiful creation of god. IT. IS. DA. BOMB. I'M SERIOUSLY NOT KIDDING. CAN YOU SEE HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS FROM THE WAY I'M CAPS LOCKING EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! 

It's like, really soft and melty one! Those type that you just put in the broth for 7 seconds and you eat it and it melts in your mouth and ugh mouthgasm TvT (drooling as I'm writing this) I need some rn...

Scallops - RM11 per plate

Oysters - RM11 per plate

*SPECIALTY* River Prawns - RM18 per 100g // RM32 per 350g
Allergic to prawns but heard that it's really fresh also.

Ahhh. How to forget their specialty homemade chilli? It's really spicy for me but everyone cannot stop praising the chilli sauce so for those who can take spicy food well or not well but you still love spicy food, you should try this.

Almost all of the food we had that day because the boss is super generous TvT I said almost cause when I took this photo, some food aren't here yet and also we ordered extra pork and fish noodles and scallops hahahahhaa

I really love full-looking pots hahahhaa makes it so appetizing and right now, thinking back about this, I feel like eating the pork and fish noodles and drinking the chicken bone broth again!!! Also, being really hungry now isn't helping T_____T

There's actually quite a lot of other food that we didn't get to eat but it's okay, we got all the good food (: Quality > quantity yeah. The boss also said that there will be adding more stuff (seafood like, lala etc) into the menu and also BBQ. Hopefully more varieties of soup too so maybe the next time I go, there will be more food kkk *glutton face*

BTW, everyone, if you ever want to eat a lot like at places like buffet or steamboat, it's recommended to drink kedondong, also known as balonglong. According to the lady boss, it helps in digestion and makes you not so stuffed.

Pulau Ketam Steamboat 
33, Jalan Temenggong 10, 
Taman Tun Aminah, 81300 Johor Bahru. 
Business hour: 4pm-12am Daily
Contact for Reservation: 016-7451559 (John)


PS: UGH. After finishing this post, I'm craving for steamboat again!!! Thinking of asking my mom to try there since we are all steamboat lovers. Kinda far but for the super yums food, totally worth it. I heard that some people can go Melacca just to eat chicken rice ball so what is Tun Aminah to us? HAHAHAHA


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