Sep 11, 2014

#Happiest5k | Color Run SG

I'm not really a running person. So it was actually a big deal for me to join a marathon. As usual, i'm just gonna be slotting all photos in cause not a lot of people like reading a lot of words :x

this is the 'before' photo, when we were all clean hahaha
we were actually the last wave and the last people to get into the marathon! talk to luck. one minute slower and everything will be wasted! hahaha

coursemates ❤️

on the bus otw to sentosa!

and the colour powder battle starts...

saw someone taking photos and we all rushed in to take photos with them lol #photobomb #crazykids
The girl in front covered in orange, we don't know her hahaha

terrorists of the day #otdt #lol

the after! hahaha everything must be pink ❤️

and we met adrian pang! 

look at mah face wtf so blueeeee

at the after party. love love loveee parties! 

5km concoured TvT

after the run and a bit of partying and chilling deciding where to eat, we spitted up and had our dinner in small groups.

took the monorail back to vivocity and slid around (cause the floor was so sooth and slippery and also there wasn't anyone around anymore, it was almost 10pm) until we reached the toilet where I proceeded to SCRUB my face. literally. but alas, it was still bluish and I look ridiculously like an alien T_T

had pastamania at harbour front and my food sucked ugh forever, never going pastamania again 3rd time and i still think the pasta sucks. 

after dinner, firas eunice and cherie and i went up to the skypark at vivocity to meet ky and chill.

can't really see in photos but srsly my face was so blue i was embarrassed to go on the mrt...

and it was eunice birthday the next day! 

happy birthday hun, love you to the moon and back ❤️

that's all for my first marathon.

verdict: F.U.N!!! all except for being powdered in blue IN DA FACE. i cannot stand having foreign substances on my face haih but overall it was great and i love it. probably cause my friends were all there hehe. thinking if i shld join the illumni run with my coz sis but it's pretty ex like $88 so... will think about it! hahaha


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