Sep 20, 2014

A good book.

As time goes by, I really think my writing, thinking and vocabulary skill have deteriorated. I remember the good old times when I would have a nice book in my hands all the time, nose buried in that book for days. Reading that book in class when the teacher is not around or not teaching. Reading that book until late at night, reluctant to sleep because the book is just so damn good I don't wanna stop reading it. Getting so immersed into the book to a point where you feel how the character feels, the happiness, fear, sadness, joyfulness etc. You laugh and cry as you read the book, feeling every single feeling the author was trying to portray. Feeling lost after finishing a book, not knowing what else to do in your life until you pick up another good book. Then you'd sometimes miss the characters in the past books you read and then you'll reread them again, reminiscing the times and feelings when you first read the book. Remembering the whole story line. Sometimes even getting dejavu because you were so into the book, you imagined it so much you aren't sure if it happened in real life or was it something that you read. I love how I was a bookworm since young. I would read my books under the covers with a torch when I'm suppose to be sleeping, resulting in me wearing spectacles. But it never stopped me from reading. I was reading a book when everyone was playing catch while waiting for the bus in primary school.

My favourite place in the entire world was the Popular book store, I'd spend ages there decided which book should I buy. When I bought my first Enid Blyton at the age of 7, it was then RM6 only. I then bought other stories and finished all Enid Blyton's children fairytale series when I was 12. I started reading her Secret Seven Society & Famous Five series when I was 13. I remember Scamper the dog and all their adventures and also the annoying sister of a member of the seven and her equally annoying best friend called Binky.I then started reading Jodi Picoult & Dorothy Koomson's books when I was 14. My favourite book by DK was [The Ice Cream Girls], maybe because it was my first book. My favourite JP book was [House Rules]. If you ever come across these authors, do check out their books. I promise they have really good books. I remember being totally in love with vampire stories too when I was in late 14. When I was 16, I had a few friends who I would swap books with. We would also read (different books) together and it was nice to have friends who does that with you instead of always being judged for reading so much.

Was typing halfway and got called to have my dinner. Now I'm back and I lost all my feelings and momentum so this post might be just ending here. I'm not sure, unless I started getting carried away with my writing. But I do hope that you guys have captured what I wanted to say, and that is I really really love reading. Until now, I still love the book store. I still love reading although I'm mostly reading from wattpad now, physical books are still the best. Thick and heavy, full of exciting and interesting things, the way I love it.

Did I mention that I love books so much it inspired me to write my own books? No. I didn't. But really, I wrote a story when I was 15 and guess it just didn't end well, I haven't had a plot to go along with. It was a high school chick lit story. I gave up halfway. But since the holiday is here and my writing feels are back now, I thought of maybe starting a new book, a short story. If I start it now, it would be a goal to finish it by the end of the year. Oh, which reminds me of this. I used to have a book filled with short stories and illustrations that I made with my friend when we were 8. There were 3 of us and we would write and make up stories about other people that we know. For example, a kid from the bus, the next door friend, our teacher, our classmates. We would also go home and make up stories and share our new made up stories with each other the next day. I remember there was once when one of them quarreled with me and I got so angry I wrote a mean story about her (A) and shared it to the other girl (B). B stood by me and for maybe a few days - I don't quite remember that - B and I never talked to A. We just hang out ourselves and kept writing stories and do out usualy stuff. Then one day, A came to be apologizing and crying asking me for forgiveness and asking me to please remove that mean story of her - which was only one story, I swear I wasn't that mean to keep writing about her - from that book. Goodness knows how she knew about that story. But she apologized that I tore that page off. We were good again and started writing stories about our crushes and everyone else again. LOL, kids.

As I'm still on the topic on writing stories, I really really really loved english compositions. Believe it or not, I used to read essays from essay books when I was bored. Most people I know read essays only because the exam is approaching soon but no, not for me, nu uh. I read them for fun. It even got to a point where I can practically rewrite the entire story from the essay book. I started using SPM level books for PMR because - not to boast - PMR sample essays are just too short and boring for me. I loved english novels in school, starting from The Pencil to The curse. I had Potato People and the Prisoner of Zenda in form 2 and form 3. Other than that, I also read the Phantom of The Opera, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Robinson Crusoe which are also included in the test papers, just that we don't need to answer them as we are not studying them. I read The Curse before I even started the 2nd term for form 4 but I never admitted to the teacher that I actually already read them when asked during form 5 because not a single person in my class has actually even touched that book during the end of year holiday. IDK, I just found it embarrassing that I actually like these stuff. Oh, and also, I love it when we were asked to write english compositions for exams, I would write pages and pages. the only thing I hate about it is the time. One hour plus is simply NOT ENOUGH for me. Never. I was always writing until the very last minute and hastily finishing up my last paragraph haih. Thinking back, I actually did that for math too. Maybe I'm really a nerd because my favourite subjects are actually English, Modern Mathematics and Additional Mathematics. So Asian omg. hahaha

In my generation, we started using the internet when we were 12/13 years old. I was 12 when I discovered about blogs. I was reading XX's blog - until now! I'm a loyal reader okay - then. I loved how people can type on the internet and share about their lives and stories for everyone else to see. I had a few diaries which I would occasionally write in them - occasionally, because school work is pretty exhausting for a primary school kid. In my diaries there would be writings, doodles and even the weather and my mood of the day hahaha. Anyway, I was saying. I thought blogging was cool and when I finally started high school, MSN was THE THING then. In order to sign up for an account, you have to get an email address. That's when I grew some balls - virtually, not literally - and asked for my parent's consent and help to create an email address. My first email address was then created. Nothing fancy, nothing too embarrassing - was my very very first email address. I'm seriously thankful that I did not ask for a stupid email address then. I know a friend whose email address was something like, something like that. HAHAHA. I'm not sure if she's still using that but I guess not. How embarrassing is that if you were to give that address to your colleagues and clients!!

As I was saying, I initially created an email address just for MSN and emails - I don't know why but then emailing was also one of the things I did with my friends - but after that, I realized the power of an email address. I CAN OWN A BLOG TOO *happy tears* I then happily registered for a blog and until now, I have never stopped blogging. It has been a long 6 years. I haven't accomplished anything yet like how XX, BQQ, Cheesie, Aud, Ash, JC etc has BUT I'm on my way, and I will have my chance.


I'm not really sure how I end up talking about how I started my blog. I'm pretty sure I was talking about my love for books and writing at first hahahaha

Ok thats all for now. For real.

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