Sep 22, 2014

Melacca Getaway


The last two posts had been so long and wordy and boring, I decide to compensate it with a photo post! Not a lot of words, I promise!

A and I had been talking about visiting Melacca since the last holiday but we haven't so this holiday, we decided to make it a mission to get our asses to Melacca for food food food! So in the morning, A came to pick me up and then we got on our way to Melacca.

Our first destination was Nadeja Crepe Cake at Mahkota Parade but the thing is, we didn't know the way. So A called up his friend who was studying at MMU to bring us there. While waiting, I spotted the cutest shop front and asked for a few ootd shots.

Out of like 5 photos we took, only one was acceptable. Others were super awkward cause this shop was actually at a road side of a busy street and it was pretty squeezy, he had to go to the middle of the road to take photos for me. 

Then I spotted another cute shop front which then we realized that it's an inn. 

Again, the bust street prevents us from taking a decent photo so this shall make do. 

While taking this photo, the opposite shop caught my eye and...

It was a laundry shop hahaha so cute. But I didn't like how I'm so small in the photo so we tried again.

And I was photobombed big time! HAHAHAHA

But the art of photography is to never give up (I say der)

So finally, we got a nice shot. We kept waiting for no cars so that he can get on the middle of the road to take the photo for me hahahaha thank you ni ah hahaha

After a while, his friend arrived and we went on to our first stop.

Nadeja Cake House
Address: G-23B, EG 4 & EG 5, Ground Floor, Mahkota Parade, 75000 Melaka.
Tel No: 06-2843469.
Operation Hours: 
Daily : 11:00am – 10:00pm

I had been obsessed with milli crepe cakes recently and I remember seeing someone tagged this place on instagram so of course I had to go!

Nadeja is a really popular cake house in Melacca, from the reviews I read, usually on weekends, you even had to line up to get into the shop. They have these seats outside where you can sit and there'll be a line inside. But lucky for us. We went on a weekday  (Wednesday?) and there was no queue at all! We walked straight in, straight away sit down and straight away order hahaha

Top left: Gula Melaka (quite meh)
Top right: Chocobanana (nice!)
Bottom left: Lemon Cheese (love!)
Bottom right: Rum & Raisin (can't really taste any alcohol)

I didn't know how am I suppose to take the photos of the cakes and they are waiting for me to take the photos so I didn't dare to make them wait too long. Paiseh ah. hahhaa

IMO, humble beginnings at CS is nicer than this but okay lah, quite a lot of choices, environment also not bad. Pricing same as humble beginnings. If I were to choose between these two I'd choose HB.. Btw, two of us couldn't finish the 4 cakes because it was so jelak so we packed and brought back to JB (which i forgotten to eat and threw away after a few days cause all the cakes were smashed together and looks disgusting, haih wasted)

After getting back to Jonker Street, A's friend left and left just two of us. We were just randomly walking and I saw this chicken rice shop where I used to always go when I come Melacca. It was the Red Building somewhere in the middle of the streets. 

So because I very tamjiak (glutton), we went in and ordered some chicken rice balls and hainanese chicken as well as the roasted.

It was seriously MEH. BIG MEH. I remember it being good leh!!! What happen ):

The rice was cold. The chicken was dry and cold.
A said that the corner shop at the very front of Jonker Street was the famous one so next time, no matter how long the queue is, I'm gonna eat there!

Couldn't finish our food again. Walked around again and somewhere in between, I bought a bag which I didn't take photo of. Next time I take photo only tell you all.

Walked back to where we parked our car and passed by the cendol shop. Of course, being a glutton. How can I resist cendol!!! I mean, it's not everyday I'm in Melacca okay. MUST EAT EVERYTHING!!!

But after ordering, my tummy started protesting and I kinda had a tummyache ):
So I didn't eat much of this haih. Luckily both of us shared a bowl, if not, confirm waste food again.. But then again, we didn't finish the cendol too.

To think that I actually wanted to skiip satay lok lok and go home already cause my tummy was seriously protesting. Good thing I then decide that I have to stay and at least eat 2 sticks.

I forgot the shop name but it was outside of Jonker Street, a bit further off and got two shops of the same name together that one. If any of you are keen to know, I'd ask my friend for the name.

When we reach, it was only 5pm and the shop just opened! It was our lucky day loh seriously. The pot is still clean from saliva TvT

This was the amount that we took.

Before I decided I'm gonna poop.

Because right after, I felt so much better that we each ate 15 sticks lol.
Then we went back JB.

After reaching JB again, we got hungry and decided to try Gent Utopia.
Unfortunately, our luck ran out and Gent Utopia don't sell real food ):

So we ordered a cake and it was so good!!!

Tofu Greentea something cake hahaha
I like how it's icy inside like how JWC's tiramisu is.

After that, we went back to my house where I cooked cheese ramen LOL.
It was really an eating day. I'm not surprised if I gained a KG that day hahaha


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